Mumbai, November 07, 2013: The import and export business is one of the oldest industries around. Not many people may realize it but the business of importing and exporting goods has been in existence ever since man started understanding the value of exchanging items, or what is more popularly known as bartering. Because of the proliferation of importers and exporters, custom houses and custom house agents started.

Pioneer Agencies is one of the most sought-after freight forwarding companies in India. Its primary market is the southern part of the country although they are also to service nearby areas. As a freight forwarding company, their primary aim is to ensure that there is a smooth transport of their client’s items from one place to the destination point. They are able to transport all kinds of commodities without any problem, regardless if it is via airfreight or sea freight.

As a custom house agent in Mumbai, they offer a variety of services including expedited delivery services and complete documentation, DDU and DDP processing, flight details and flight notification, and the unloading of container including palletization and trucking to any point in India.

Pioneer Agencies is currently headed by Sanjay Nair who boasts of having years of experience in the area of export and import having undergone firsthand the intricacies of the business. He has handled numerous security-related goods on behalf of the different branches of the government. Aside from the various agencies, Pioneer Agencies has also worked with such institutions as the Reliance Industries, Tata Motors, and Bajaj Auto, Ltd., among others.

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