You can have the best store in the country, the best products and services, the most affordable prices, but that may not be enough to succeed and get huge profit. You still need to know the best ways to promote your business. After all, the key to profit and business success is sales.

So, how do you go about achieving a successful sale? Itâ€â„¢s actually simple. You just have to use the right marketing strategy. By marketing strategy we mean creating the right brochures, catalogs, and color flyer printing. But all too often, businesses are so keen on distributing flyers and posters at the first few months of their business and stop when customers start coming. Then they would use their flyers again when they think business is low.

It is important to remember that good marketing is critical in any business, and should be done persistently and consistently. Hence, flyer and brochure distribution should be done regularly and not only when the business needs a boost.

If you decide on using flyers as your marketing plan, then the more you should distribute it on a regular basis. Flyers will not only boost your sales, but help people remember your business all year round. The following are tips on using flyers as your marketing campaign:

- Determine how you will use your flyers. Is it to promote your business? Is it to announce a special promo? Or is it to advertise your new products or services?

- Use appropriate images and texts. Decide what your flyers advertisement is about and choose the appropriate image that will catch the attention of your target customers. Use simple words and short lines only. Resist the temptation to overdo the creativity in your flyers. Stick with simple graphics and words, and you are likely to create an eye-catching flyer.

- Encourage people to make an action. In your flyers, donâ€â„¢t forget to tell people what they should do after reading your flyers. Should they visit your website for more information? Should they call you or go to your store to make an order?

- Keep in mind that you are not merely selling your products and services. Instead, you are selling your customers the benefits they would get from your products. So, frame your sales pitch around the benefits, not on what the sale will give you.

- Make a sketch of your flyer and see if it is able to answer the following questions: why do people should buy your products or avail of your services? What do your customers benefit from your business? How do they contact you?

- Review your flyer design, look for errors, and print a sample. Have a friend look at your flyer. Ask if there are changes needed that would make your flyer more striking.

- Find a printer that would meet your flyer printing need and budget. If donâ€â„¢t have a lot of graphics and uses only monochromatic color in your flyer, you can use risograph printing as it is economical to use.

- Distribute your flyers in places where your target market are. If you own a laundry shop, hand out your flyers on condominiums and apartments.

- And most importantly, be consistent in distributing your flyers. Even if you donâ€â„¢t have special promos, donâ€â„¢t lag on distributing your flyers. Itâ€â„¢s always good to tell people about your business and that they can visit you anytime they need your products and services.

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