(Submit Articles) Semen increase in most discussions may go hand in hand with sperm count. The difference in literature apparently has failed to quite distinguish the two and isolate them as two different entities. You will find that the use of the two words in some cases is similar and quite alike. Whereas the discussion may want to spell terms for sperm count the same will again be used when it comes to semen. The same food will be required to be consumed for both unless may be for some reason one item may face an emphasis bigger than the other.

Semen in brief is made up of some of the following compounds and elements: lactic acid, vitamin C, chlorine, phosphorus, citric acid, creatine, fructose, zinc, magnesium, nitrogen, potassium, sodium, vitamin B12, and calcium

The foods that should not be absent in your table are the compact proteins like beef, pork, oatmeal, dairy products, some energy drinks and nuts These products supply amino acids that are required during semen production. Amino acids play a crucial role and will always be of necessity when it comes to semen production. Amino acids being the building blocks of proteins are many and varied and may be availed by different food stuffs to man. When narrowed down, there are 3 amino acids that play a role in the process and these are L-arginine, L-carnitine and L_lysine. Other elements step in and deliver the much needed chemical composition that balances the other products and facilitates uptake.

Eat oysters or put it in your menu more often. These animals have a higher concentration of zinc than many food products. Also with an equally good supply of zinc are nuts, wheat, red meat, barley and lamb. This mineral is basically critical in matters of reproduction; it is said that every ejaculate goes with 5 gm of zinc. This element is required by cells in the prostate glands mainly. This element when availed in enough quantities raises the volume of any ejaculation considerably.

Green vegetables and fruits that supply folic acid are exceptionally good in raising the volume of semen. The greens like broccoli, okra and asparagus are best suited for this. Folic acid is required in abundance during semen manufacture. Guava, tomatoes and grapefruits with enough supply of lycopene must be eaten too. Lycopene is another requirement in the gonads. Drink water in sufficient quantities; plenty of water is key and try to avoid dehydration at all times. A dehydrated body produces very low semen volume. Take at least 2 glasses after every meal or 8 glasses per day as recommended. Get rid of junk food; junk food lowers testosterone levels in the body. Stop alcohol if you cannot lower it completely and look for good sleep.

In addition to food, take exercise routines to keep shape and mind together; this is necessary when it comes to stabilization of testosterone. When fatigue shows its ugly head, even if you are eating what kind of good food, semen levels will be affected automatically. Take food supplements to balance off trace minerals the body may need.

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