Clearwater, FL - Those who own gold jewelry, at some point try to sell them but when they try to sell their gold jewelry, they get pittance for them. They often sell them at a very low price and sometimes at a loss. Those who want to sell gold jewelry, need not have to worry about poor buying rates. They can now sell old jewelry at a good price to Gold & Diamond Source. They pay their sellers the highest price for the gold jewelry when compared to the market rates, they pay three to five times more than the other national gold buyers. No other buyer offers such high rates to those who sell jewelry.
Gold & Diamond Source has over 30 years of experience in the industry, and they are one of the most trustworthy companies in the industry. It is very simple to have old jewelry sold. Those who want to sell their old gold jewelry can sell it easily by getting in touch with this company. Customers can send their gold coins, gems and other jewelry to them and get top dollars for the same.
Customers will have to just make a call to toll free number 1-800-494-4940 or go online go get their gold buying kit. Once the old jewelry is sent to this company, customers will receive their check in 24 hours time. No more waiting and no more haggling for better prices, because this company is known for giving the best prices.
Gold & Diamond Source does not just buy gold but they offer the best rates for all precious metals including gold, silver, platinum, palladium, dental gold, class rings and more. Customers can sell just about any precious metal to Gold & Diamond Source. Moreover, they also buy mismatched jewelry, silver and gold coins.
Being one of the most experienced companies, Gold & Diamond Source is able to offer the best rates because there is no middlemen involved in selling gold. Gold and other precious metal is sold to the buyer directly and this ensures the highest rates. These are real jewelers and not brokers.
Gold & Diamond Source offers the best customer service to their clients. All customers’ concerns are addressed very promptly without any delay. Gold & Diamond Source is one of the fastest ways of getting one’s old jewelry sold. For more information visit

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