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19 Aug

USA; 19, August 2016: Summer time can be devastatingly boring or incredibly exciting depending on whether the individual sees the glass as half-empty or half-full. There are so many stimulating and thrilling ways to have a whale of a time during the summer when the stinging rays of the sun almost singes the skin and continuous perspiration makes one feel thoroughly spent. One good way of making the most out of summer afternoons and evenings is to have a poolside party. However, if the individual wants to while away the hours in splendid isolation all the while floating in the middle of the pool without getting wet, he or she can opt for trendy pool flats.

Pool floats seem to be the in-thing and all the rage at a majority of parties and get-togethers organized besides swimming pools in America’s swankiest homes. And it won’t be an exaggeration to state that Golden Age is the site that most revelers and partygoers turn to when ordering these buoys. The mermaid princess pool float shaped like a seashell is a bestseller and occupies the top slot amongst all pool float brands in the US. Now what is it that makes the Mermaid the sought after pool float in the entire nation? For a start, the float is a veritable giant with dimensions of 53” (H) x 67” (W).

There is enough room in the pool float to allow 2-4 adults to lounge comfortably. It sits quite pretty in the middle of the pool and is visible clearly even from a distance. This product comes equipped with a twin-valve system that can be easily pumped up with the help of an air-pump or even a hair dryer keeping the latter in cool mode. The entire process of inflating the float takes less than a minute. The material used for fabricating these pool floats is PVC (poly vinyl chloride) that is thoroughly eco-friendly and hence recyclable. Though it feels extremely soft and smooth to the touch, its core is considerably robust which keeps it serviceable for years on end.

The floaties are also extremely versatile in that these buoys can be put to different uses. Apart from serving as a floating platform in the pool, the buoy doubles up as a lounger in the beach or as a sofa inside the living room. Not only does it inflates quickly but deflates fast enough as well. The float after it is deflated can be conveniently packed inside the drawstring bag supplied with it and carried around anywhere by the individual. The product is delivered in a bag which also contains a beach ball and an air-pump that can be powered directly from the automobile. Any man or woman can be the life of the party and cynosure of all eyes, when he or she orders the float via the Golden Age site. Surely paying $136.50 is not a high price to pay if someone wants to be the center of attraction.

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