GOLDEN SPOT is known worldwide for its spot welder and welding equipment. During the past years, GOLDEN SPOT has gained the respect of the same profession, throughout the whole welding industry.
Golden Spot Industry was established in 1979 as a professional manufacturer for various TIG welders, MIG welders, and auto spot welding machinery. Through years of development, the company now offers more than 50 models in seven series, including wire mesh welding machine, air pressure seam welding machine, flash butt welding machine, spot welder, MIG welding stand, forming machine, other special purpose-welding machine and whole-plant welding equipment. These products have a wide range of applications in many fields of industry like manufacturing, furniture and construction industry.
GOLDDEN SPOT is continually improving its product through rigorous product research and development. The outstanding R & D team, with excellent product design capacity and experience, makes good use of 3D painting software and 3D simulation diagram to shorten the development time and reduce flaws and interference problems. GOLDEN SPOT also has had each Automatic controlling system of welding machine equipped with human-machine interface windows, it helps customers easily operate and maintain the machine. Besides, Golden Spot owns almost 40 patents in the United States, China and Taiwan. Take the Spot Welding System of SA-800AF for example, the spot welding device of this Auto Dual-layer Interchanging Type Multi-point Welding Machine has obtained patent in the United States and gotten great praise from customers. We can say that its outstanding innovation ability cannot be underestimated. Moreover, GOLDEN SPOT’s professional engineers and well-trained workers are capable to offer custom design and cost effective solutions for customer requirement. That is to say Golden spot can provide customers with the durable and innovative products that save their cost and make their money at the same time.

Not only Golden Spot has an excellent R&D team that ensures providing technical support for each customer, but also Golden Spot has passed ISO9001-2008 certificate, and the products are approved and certified with CE. Furthermore, in order to ensure product quality, GOLDEN SPOT accomplished a complete quality control system in each production process; No matter Incoming Quality Control (IQC), In-Process Quality Control (IPQC) or Final Quality Control (FQC), all production processes are done according to the high international standard. “We manufacture the welding equipments with internationally accepted production standards and expect them to perform with the highest levels of efficiency and precision“ Says Ms. Zoe Huang, the sales manager of GOLDEN SPOT INDUSTRY INC. “In addition, thanks to our strict manufacturing standards, our customers receive the best value available in the welding industry.“ Ms. Huang points out the reason why GOLDEN SPOT earned a good name for itself in the international market. There is no doubt that the perfect performance at technology and equipments makes GOLDEN SPOT become the leader of this profession and successfully leads its own brand into international market.

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