Government Guidelines Spark Increase in Loft Insulation Sales

05 Mar

The loft insulation industry has seen a boost in sales lately, due to new government guidelines that suggest homeowners top up their roof insulation. Many people are taking notice of this advice, as insulation supplier LBSBM Online are reporting a significant spike in the purchase of 200mm insulation online. Many homeowners are realising that the short term outlay of investing in good quality insulation is worth it for the long term savings that you will be able to enjoy on your fuel bills.

Loft Insulation Saves Homeowners Money

The simple truth is that heat rises — which is why so much of a home’s energy is lost through its roof. It is estimated that installing loft insulation could reduce your energy and fuel bills by up to £175, according to the Energy Saving Trust. This estimate is based on a typical three bedroom home which is semi-detached and has gas central heating. It is compared to the energy cost of the home without any insulation in the loft to begin with.

A loft is usually cheaper and easier to insulate than a roof. However, if your loft is being used as living space then you would have to insulate the roof.

Think Insulation — A Helpful Guide

In order to educate the public on energy conservation and insulation, Knauf Insulation, their supplier, has created a website with the Energy Saving Trust. The “Think Insulation” website is all about energy saving and it informs the general public about matters relevant to saving energy.

The website aims to be a source of practical information about energy efficiency, which any homeowner can understand and apply to their own home. It offers helpful information and tips for improving the energy efficiency of the home, reducing greenhouse gases and saving money. The website will inform users of how insulation works, why it is a sustainable and cost effective way of saving energy and how they can upgrade the energy rating of their own home.

For example, the website educates visitors on the value of loft insulation, as without it you could be losing up to 25% of the heat in your home through your roof. This type of insulation is a very simple yet effective way to bring down the cost of your heating bills.

The website also offers a handy Do It Yourself guide for installing your loft insulation. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to hire an expensive contractor to perform this task for you. If you are generally competent at DIY, you can complete this relatively straightforward job yourself.

The guide outlines each step of the process, including figuring out how much insulation you will need, checking your loft for hazards, preparing and planning and laying down your insulation. The instructions are simple enough for the average homeowner to follow and if they do, they will be able to enjoy a much warmer home and lower heating bills in the future. The website even offers a video which illustrates the steps of a loft insulation installation.

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