Tag Systems Introduces New Biometric Iris Reader Technology

05 Mar

Tag Systems is now introducing ground-breaking and innovative technology into their security systems, which makes the identification of a user with the unique pattern on the iris of their eye. They will be using this new technology in their Access Control security systems.

Biometric iris scanner technology is a very innovative step forward in the world of security and it provides a much more secure form of recognition than any other type of security system. Currently, this innovative new security technology is being employed at a Miller site located at Bath University. Also, the biometric iris scanning technology itself was recently featured in a segment on ITV news.

How Does it Work?

An iris scanning security system seems like something out of science fiction, but this technology actually exists. In fact, it actually functions thanks to a simple CCD digital camera. This camera uses both near-infrared light and visible light to take a high contrast photograph of the subject’s eye. The near-infrared light makes the pupil appear black, which makes it a lot easier for the computer to isolate the iris and the pupil.

Before the camera takes the picture, the computer is able to locate the edge of the pupil, the centre of the pupil, the edge of the iris and the eye lids and eye lashes. Then, the computer is able to analyse its patterns and translate the unique characteristics of the iris into a code. The iris around your eye is like a snowflake, no two are alike and they are a highly accurate indicator of your identity.

Why Are Iris Scans More Accurate Than Fingerprints?

The iris is a visible structure, but it is protected by being enclosed within your eye. This means that it will never change over time. Your fingerprints can change over time, especially if you are doing a lot of hard manual labour.

Also, the iris allows for more than 200 different points of references for comparison — which compares to only around 60 or 70 points in fingerprints. This means that it is much more difficult to mistake one person for another and that security systems can be much more accurate.

Also, since the iris is mostly flat and its geometric configuration is controlled by two complementary muscles, its shape will always be predictable — more predictable than that of the face.

All of these factors make the iris of the eye one of the most ideal parts of the human body for biometric identification.

Iris Recognition Systems in Practice

Many millions of people in many different countries around the world have had their iris scans enrolled in an iris recognition system. This data is sometimes used for passport free automated border-crossings or national ID systems. Also, some businesses and agencies use this type of recognition in their security access systems.

For example, at the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands, iris recognition has been used since 2001 in order to permit passport free immigration. Also, the NEXUS program in many US and Canadian airports allows entry into the USA and Canada for pre-approved low risk travellers. Also, Google uses iris scanner technology within their databases in order to control access to their datacentres and a device called EyeLock has been demonstrated which will allow iris recognition to replace passwords for people logging into password protected Web sites such as eBay and Facebook.

One of the innovative security firms who are using this technology to enhance their security systems is Tag Systems. They employ iris recognition technology, in order to offer their clients a very high level of security for their business. The technology has been employed within their access control security systems.

About Tag Systems:

Based in Lincolnshire, Tag Systems is the leading company in the manufacture, design and deployment of wireless security systems. The company’s work covers a number of applications in building site and construction site security and they specialise in wireless CCTV, wireless alarms, evacuation systems, wireless fire warning, fleet management, vehicle tracking and much more.

Tag Systems provides their clients with a complete security service, including risk analysis, surveying and specifying a solution. As well as installing and maintaining the equipment, they also offer a rapid response security service.

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