Austin Green Water is proud to be included as a working display in the 2009 Travis County Master Gardeners Association. A triple barrel (165 gallon) as well as a single solution (55 gallon) will be on display at the garden of Cheryl Goveia, Master Gardener and landscaping expert. Rain chains and other accessories will also be on display.
The Travis County Master Gardeners Association, in cooperation with the Travis County Agrilife Extension Service, will present the 2009 Inside Austin Gardens, on Saturday, October 24, from 9 am ““ 4 pm.
We have a fabulous theme this year – sustainable gardening for urban wildlife. All our gardens are National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitats, which means these gardens have food, water, cover, and places to raise young. These Central Austin gardens all have interesting front yard gardens that attract hummingbirds and butterflies for the whole neighborhood to see and enjoy.
This year’s tour is focusing on how to design urban garden spaces that attract wildlife, using native plants and sustainable gardening practices. The event includes garden tours and educational seminars at each location, including: “Gardening to Attract Birds;“ “Plant Magnets for Butterflies and Hummingbirds;“ and “Adapted & Native Plants in Your Landscape.“
Tickets for the 2009 Inside Austin Garden Tour are $10 (or $5 per garden) and can be purchased at any home on the tour. In addition, plants are available for sale on-site.
As Master Gardeners, our mission is to render sound horticultural information to the community through our programs. We charge a nominal fee to help cover our costs, but the real purpose of our tour is to provide you, the home gardener, with practices that can easily be translated to your garden.
About Green Water:
Green Water, LLC is a leading Central Texas water conservation company. Green Water is committed to preserving Central Texas groundwater through a variety of water saving products and services. Green Water, LLC manufactures 100% recycled and reused rain barrels for rain water collection and rain harvesting. Green Water, LLC uses food-grade recycled barrels to produce 100% sustainable “green“ rain barrels. Rain barrels from Green Water, LLC help reduce unneeded water waste from Central Texas declining aquifer watersheds. Green Water, LLC is committed to Central Texas water conservation efforts and supports numerous water saving initiatives and policies. Green Water, LLC is located in Austin, Texas and can be found at or emailed at [email protected]
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