(Submit Articles) With changing times, new and more deadly virus have surfaced which pose a greater danger to the life of people. The situation becomes even worse when such a deadly virus travels from one country to another through travelers. It can create a grave situation when travelers bring the infection back home and authorities are caught unaware about the nature of infection and course of treatment. It may happen that by the time the correct diagnosis is made, hundreds of people are already infected. H1N1 is one such virus that has spread through traveler and has taken shape if a pandemic.

As we all know this virus has recently created a lot of panic amongst the most developed nations of the world that boosts of their brilliant medical health service. To make sure you donā€™tget infected by this deadly virus, you must visit your nearest travel clinic and gather as much information as possible about it. For your ready reference I would like to share some important things about H1N1 virus which can prove to be helpful for you.

1. If during your travel or otherwise you have continuous fever, body or headache, sore throat or cough and fatigue you must immediately, without wasting any time, see a good doctor and medical help.

2. If you are planning to travel to areas where H1N1 cases were reported earlier then you should consult a good travel physician at a reputable travel clinic.

3. A qualified and experienced travel physician can guide you on what vaccination you need to administer to protect yourself from H1N1 and what medication you should carry with you.

4. Never travel to a country which is under the threat of H1N1 virus especially if you are not feeling well, as weak immune system cannot protect you against this virus.

5. While traveling in a region infected with H1N1 always cover your face with surgical mask.

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