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In helping an individual handle suicidal ideas, it is most ideal to combine the strategy of dealing with the underlying mental illness and alleviating self-destructive propensities straight.

A five-point self-destruction avoidance plan, called SUPER, exists below:.

1. Enjoying love. The social support system of the person with suicidal thoughts have to let the people concerned find out about the psychological condition of that suicidal person. A self-destructive individual may feel that he is alone among lots of troubles that he is dealing with.

He may need reassurance of the love and assistance of his loved ones; and these people should understand that they exist to assist the individual really feel the heat, gratitude, assistance, and inspiration that he felt he had actually shed.

Under this step, the individual and his family and/or social circles could arrange bonding tasks, such as consuming meals with each other. Such tasks will assist reestablish links to encourage the individual feeling of that self-destructive person. Moreover, the family members or the social circle where the individual experiences alienation might undertake therapy sessions that will certainly figure out communication spaces should be completed.

2. Revealing underlying reasons. It has to be understood that suicide could just be the so-called superficial. Hence, it is exceptionally important to identify the underlying reasons for the individual's self-destructive ideas. As an example, the person might be experiencing treatable mental illness such as depression, schizophrenia, chemical abuse, or borderline personality disorder. If such is the case, you have to aid the individual avail of companies from properly authorized therapists or doctors who will have the ability to offer immediate relief to counter the suffering of that individual.

3. Problem-solving. For cases that could not involve various other mental ailments such as depression, it might be valuable to keep in mind of Shneidman's strategy in preventing suicide. Following his 10 commandments, it becomes inevitably required to assist the person seek an option, which is outside the person's world of reasoning.

As what Gerald Davidson, John Neale and Ana Kring clarified in the post discovered in Uncommon Psychology: "Some Misconceptions about Self-destruction," suicidal people do not necessarily intend to pass away. Instead, they just want to get away the unfavorable life events they are encountering. Thus, a reliable self-destruction prevention program have to help the person understand that eliminating himself is not the remedy. Rather, the individual needs to be instructed of a problem-solving system through which he could identify various choices in taking care of the problem and evaluate the effects of each activity that he takes. It might include a flowchart of things to do, with explanations for every action to ensure that he can make note of the fact that each choice he makes must truly be a thoroughly assumed decision.

4. Establishing contacts. It will certainly be smart to give the person numbers of self-destruction company centers such as 24-hour hotlines of mental therapy clinics that he could connect with whenever he feels extremely down or depressed.

5. Finding the happiness of living. Suicidal persons may have failed to remember the delight of living that they would most absolutely miss out on if they decide to die. For that reason, "rediscovery" trips will certainly be effective in making them understand that dedicating self-destruction will certainly deny them of a lot of wonders of the globe, specifically those experiences that the person are extremely curious about.

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