(Submit Articles) While not all of the best fundraising ideas can be done fast, you should know that using fundraising calendars are different. With the effective use of fundraising calendars at the turn of the year, it is really quite easy to raise a significant amount of money fearlessly fast at the most opportune time. Let me show you how you can do this kind of fundraising fearlessly fast with the right weekly steps. Just go through the different steps below and see how you can easily and quickly raise the funds you need.

Week 1: Prep Work ““ The first week for your fundraising campaign with custom calendars is all about prep work. You will need to gather materials and information for your calendar design. Do your market research first and identify who you want to target to sell your custom calendars as well as the prime locations where you can market to them.

Next, try to gather all the images, software and other tools that you need to develop designs best suited to those target markets. Make sure that you also compose all the needed feature text, fundraising campaign information and contact details. Finally, try to acquire the tools and software that you are most comfortable in using, as well as any calendar templates that you might want to use. Once you have all of these materials setup, you should be ready to develop your design.

Week 2: Development and Testing ““ Design development for your fundraising calendars can actually be done in just a few hours, but depending on your expertise, testing and the adjustments that you need to do, the whole process should safely be done in a week. During this time of course you will be developing your design using your own desktop publishing software. Make sure that you enhance your images and be clear cut with your layout. Proofread and check several times so that you won’thave mistakes in your content.

Once you have a rough draft finished, do not forget to test your calendar layouts by printing them on your own and having other people check it out. Get some feedback from colleagues and even random strangers if possible. These tests and feedback should give you some ideas on how to improve and refine your calendars to make them ideal for fundraising. Finalize your design after integrating all those feedbacks and refinements.

Week 3: Printing ““ Finally, once the development and testing is finished you go on to the third week for printing. If you print your calendars online, you can actually have those hundreds of calendars finished within one to two days. This is of course a rush calendar printing job that is more expensive. However, you can safely reserve at least five days for normal printing without incurring any extra costs for the rush order. Just make sure you choose the best online calendar printing that you have access to. Check their quality guarantees and their printing options just to be sure it is ideal for your fundraising calendars.

Week 4: Deployment ““ Lastly on the fourth week, once the calendars are delivered, you can then deploy your custom calendars and start your fundraising. Besides advertising your calendars at your shop or office, do not forget to promote it proactively by informing your social network about it and just generally marketing your calendars through promotional materials. Do everything that is in your power to get word about your fundraising calendars and you should get those fundraising results you wanted as quickly as possible with the best possible returns.

Great! So within a month you can actually be able to raise funds for your campaign using only color calendars. It is quick and fast fundraising fearlessly through custom calendars.

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