Haulage Exchange Issues Top 3 Winter Survival Tips

10 Mar

Haulage Exchange, the UK’s busiest and most influential online freight exchange platform, reminds hauliers throughout the country about effective ways to stay safe and efficient when driving, even during bad weather. These three timely and proven operational tips can significantly improve a haulier’s chances in accomplishing a job, even during the worst periods of the season. For starters, a company representative said that any self-respecting haulier must always perform the pre-trip inspection of their vehicle and equipment themselves. A thorough inspection, colloquially referred to as the ‘pre-trip’ helps ensure that no surprises on the road will set a haulier back and prevent the accomplishment of a delivery. This also means that a haulier or driver must know their equipment intimately, for example, with the often-unforgiving winter, there is no room for less-than-100-percent tyres. Worn-out, mismatched, or under-inflated tyres are an absolute no-no. 

Haulage Exchange also advises drivers to obtain pre-work information as much as possible, especially if they are going on a new haulage job to an unfamiliar destination. Get details, such as the road conditions in the area, the typical hazards that can be expected, and even the type of terrain. 

And lastly, it is vital to always have a plan. A responsible driver or hauler must think their day all the way through, including the safe return trip. The driver must mentally break down the components of their trip and carefully assess the different aspects such as who is going to do the loading and how long does that person usually do their job and what can one do with any unexpected snag somewhere along the way? Answering these questions is vital to help the haulier ‘map out’ the trip ahead of time. 

Haulage Exchange boasts of having thorough knowledge of all possible situations any haulier might encounter and this is credited to its years of experience in the industry and its pivotal role in helping thousands of individual hauliers find consistent work. The organisation is currently one of the most respected business entities in the UK. 

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A major part of the renowned Transport Exchange Group, Haulage Exchange has more than 4,500 active users enjoying the steady influx of haulage jobs. For more information about the company, visit its website at http://www.haulageexchange.co.uk 

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