Haulage Exchange Reminds Hauliers That ‘Safety Is Achievable’ Even In Bad Weather

10 Mar

As one of the UK’s leading online freight exchange platforms, Haulage Exchange encourages hauliers in the country to understand that safety is a matter of careful effort. ‘There are simple things a haulier can do,’ says a representative from the company ‘and often, those simple things are what most hauliers overlook. Safety on the road while accomplishing a job is very achievable, even with severe weather, it is all a matter of doing the right things.’ 

For instance, because no one can stop severe weather from occurring, the best one can do is to know about it ahead of time. Having the knowledge about the next day’s weather forecast or how much it is going to snow is a simple, yet effective way of managing stress. The haulier can also use this foreknowledge to plan out whether alternative routes will be needed, or to arrange to leave earlier than scheduled, if possible. 

Moreover, said the Haulage Exchange spokesperson, the hauler should always be aware of little yet vital things, such as the reading on the vehicle’s outside thermometer. If the haulier does not have one, they must have one installed immediately. This is because when temperatures stay around a few degrees on either side of zero, road conditions can get tricky and the haulier is more easily able to adjust driving accordingly. Ignorance of the actual outside temperature can leave the driver making driving decisions that could lead to accidents. 

The Haulage Exchange spokesperson also emphasised having a backup plan and suggested that the driver should always be thinking ahead with every vehicle they encounter. For example, how does the driver ‘escape’ if an oncoming vehicle gets out of control, or consider situations that would compel the driver to make a quick stop. The point is to never compromise on safety, especially during severe weather. 

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