Hawaiian Experience Day Spa has joined the holistic healing team of The Sundance Center in Scottsdale, Arizona as their sole provider for therapeutic massage services. The massage therapists of Hawaiian Experience Day Spa are providing therapeutic massages for patients, employees, and affiliates of the holistic healing center.

Scottsdale, AZ, May 11, 2010 -- Hawaiian Experience Day Spa in Scottsdale, AZ has entered into an agreement with The Sundance Center to provide therapeutic massage services to their patients and employees. Massage services to The Sundance Centerâ€â„¢s patients are being provided at the center located near 128th Street and Shea in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Kevin Jensen, Director of Marketing, at The Sundance Center explains why the center feels massage therapy is an important part of their holistic approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation and why they choose Hawaiian Experience Day Spa to be their sole provider of massage therapy.

"At the Sundance Center (http://www.TheSundanceCenter.com) drug and alcohol treatment centers, we feel that a holistic approach is key to our clientsâ€â„¢ journey to recovery. Many of our clients enter our doors after years of substance abuse that have taxed their body, mind, and spirit. In addition to our individual and group counseling to heal the mind and spirit, we feel that it is absolutely pertinent that the body be healed as well. One of the major areas in which we address this is through massage therapy and a healthy diet. As our clients begin their sobriety, their bodies are ready to be flushed of any toxins, foreign or damaging material. In order to help move this process along as well as heal the discomfort of any prior neglect, our massage therapists assist in the process by renewing the vital healing energy of our clients.

As one of the premiere holistic addiction healing centers, we are always on the look out for people and companies who share our vision and commitment to the highest level of healing. One of the Directors of our company happened upon The Hawaiian Experience Spa of Scottsdale and received what he called "the best massage of my life", the massage therapist seemed to intuitively pick up on the areas of his body that were in most need of healing and provided an extremely therapeutic and healing experience." We knew that this was a company that like our own was capable of providing a high level of healing and unparalleled experience. Soon after a contract was entered into between The Sundance Center and Hawaiian Experience Spa. We are grateful for this new relationship and are excited about providing our clients with the highest level of massage therapy we have experienced to compliment their overall rehabilitative experience at our center."

Hawaiian Experience Spaâ€â„¢s owner and licensed massage therapist, Steve Ibach, says he and his therapists are looking forward to working with The Sundance Center.

"Our Scottsdale Day Spa is of course known for its Hawaiian themed environment and unique treatments but it is also known for its high level of medical massage therapy. Many area physicians refer patients to our day spa for massage therapy services to treat conditions ranging from stress, to fibromyalgia, to back pain, and much more. We have never provided massage therapy at any location outside of our day spa at 116th and Shea in Scottsdale, however, when The Sundance Center approached us to provide services for their patients at their center, we knew immediately that this was something we wanted to be a part of. I visited The Sundance Centerâ€â„¢s facility (called The Journey Center) in Scottsdale and found the unique environment to have a positive healing atmosphere similar to our spa. I was impressed with the facility, their approach to healing, and their staff. I then spoke with our medical massage therapists who were all willing and eager to assist patients of The Journey Center with our services. We are looking forward to doing our part to help The Sundance Centerâ€â„¢s patients on their journey to a healthy and happy life"

About Hawaiian Experience Spa:
Hawaiian Experience Spa (http://www.hawaiianexperiencespa.com), headquartered at 10855 N. 116th St, Scottsdale, AZ 85259 (phone: 480-661-2991) is a unique day spa for women, men, and couples - perfect for special occasions, everyday relaxation, and serious medical massage therapy. With an authentic Hawaiian theme, an exotic array of Hawaiian and traditional treatments and a great line of organic Hawaiian products, clients truly will have a Hawaiian Experience each time they visit. Behind their fun and relaxing Hawaiian theme clients will also find some of the best trained massage therapists in the valley - providing advanced medical level massage therapy. Hawaiian Experience Spa believes that medical level massage can be more effective when provide in a fun, unique, and relaxing environment such as our Hawaiian Themed Spa.

Hawaiian Experience Spa is now providing franchise opportunities ( http://hawaiianexperiencespa.com/franchise.php ) to motivated entrepreneurs in Arizona.

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