Healthy Abode Announces to Offer Property Inspection Reports for Immigrants

21 Sep

London, 21, September 2016: For anyone seeking to enter the United Kingdom for living purposes, a property inspection report is an important document to confirm that the immigrant is moving into a house or a property that is of a suitable standard. The Entry Clearance Officers at the department of Home Office want to make sure that the accommodation will not be overcrowded by the arrival of the immigrant(s). And for the purpose, they seek the inspection report of the property. Healthy Abode is a trustworthy agency to offer property inspection reports for properties in and around London.

The agency has experts who specialize in the immigration accommodation inspection providing reports that the accommodation chosen by the immigrant will not be overcrowded upon his/her arrival. They carry out the accommodation assessment on the basis of fixed criteria that the British High Commission or the UKBA often approves of. All surveyors are qualified environmental health practitioners, holding degrees or certification in the Housing Safety Rating System. This is the reason why their reports carry the authenticity and help in the visa approval of a person seeking to enter the UK for living.

For applicants seeking a permanent settlement in the UK from outside the EEC, Healthy Abode has emerged as a primary agency to provide a satisfactory immigration accommodation report after conducting an inspection. They make note of the condition of the house and assess its health and safety status to make sure that the immigrant and his/her spouse will remain safe in the house. The survey experts of the agency take care of every minute detail of a house to provide the property inspection report for spouse visa, enabling a smooth visa grant for the permanent settlement in the UK.

In order to meet the UKBA visa prerequisites, an immigration property inspection is always asked by the authorities. A visa applicant who is not familiar with this requirement can seek the assistance and professional services of Healthy Abode. They have a simple contact form available on their website

About Healthy Abode

Healthy Abode specializes in property inspection reports, immigration accommodation reports and entry clearance certificates. They cover a number of cities throughout the UK and offer a competitive quote for conducting a home inspection. The agency has a team of qualified environmental health practitioners to carry out home inspections and provide health and safety reports of a property.

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