Lintech Enterprises Ltd Presents Its Advanced Security Products

21 Sep

China; 21, September 2016: Credit cards are becoming an important source of transaction in different retail stores around the world. In order to make such transaction flawless and transparent many retail stores are installing card reading machines to obtain accurate information on the existing balance condition and genuine account number of the buyers There are many agencies that are involved in manufacturing varieties of card reading devices. Lintech Enterprises Limited is one such firm that has been involved in manufacturing hosts of card reading and automotive camera devices. The company has its own factory for producing different security equipment items using latest technology. All its products are thoroughly tested and inspected to address the growing security concerns of the clients.

The company is specialized in manufacturing different types of magnetic card reading devices for determining the authenticity of various types of commercial and professional cards. Its RS232 Magnetic Card Reader comes with 232 interface adopting high integrated magnetic card decoding chip. These devices consume less electricity with strong interference resistance property. It can read card bi-directionally, free to choose data with or without enter key and has intelligent lights to alert if card data is read accurately. The exquisite magnetic installation structure makes card reading more stable and reliable. Equally impressive and effective is its USB msr Magnetic stripe card reader for POS System. These machines come with high compatibility feature and can easily diagnose magnetic cards with different density or standard automatically.

The company also supplies high quality passport ID scanner machines and the most notable model among them is ERP5100i which is ideal for reading multiple documents like e-passports, passports, visas, ID cards and other travel documents. Machines belong to this series come with a multi-functional passport reader with 3.0 pixels camera for reading different documents. It provides perfect solutions for scanning passport and other documents. Printed data is extracted from the entire data page while digital data from contactless ICs. This machine is quite applicable for establishments like aviation security services, travel agencies, border control, immigration services, local police station and others.

Its Motor RFID card dispenser machine can automatically issue /reclaim cards and can be applied to card consumption systems like smart parking lot, smart card vending system, card issuance/verification system etc. When it is power on, the card dispenser shall automatically detect all its photoelectric sensors besides diagnosing whether the card is in pre-empty state or empty state with alarming signal and buzzing output. The company has also acquired distinction for providing different camera equipments as well for the automobile safety.

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Lintech Enterprises Limited is a specialized manufacturer of different security products. It usually supplies various card reading and automotive camera devices. For more information, customers can visit the website of this company.

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