HealthyWiser Recipes: Learn To Make Ketogenic Recipes This Fall

28 Sep

Get to know more about HealthyWiser’s ketone test strips

Now that the autumn season is coming, it is just right to prepare homemade ketogenic recipes that are perfect for the season. Website Eat Live Run presents how to prepare a ketogenic recipe for the autumn season, the Fire Pot Soup.

To prepare this as one of the best ketogenic recipes, there can be a lot of ingredients. The things that people will need are raw shrimp, tofu cubes, Thai curry paste, canola oil, Thai basil leaves and fish sauce. They also need to prepare some brown sugar, salt, coconut milk, lime, lemongrass, chicken broth, cilantro, dry jasmine rice and Thai chilies.

Allot an hour to make this ketogenic recipe according to the website. First, the rice has to be cooked with water until it is tender. After this, set the rice aside.

Then, use a nonstick skillet and heat the oil over high heat. Begin adding the raw shrimp and sauté this for half a minute until they turn curled and pink. With the tofu cubes, set the cooked shrimps aside.

Afterward, start heating the leftover oil on the nonstick skillet again with medium high heat. Pound the curry paste with the oil until well-mixed. Then, stir in for around two minutes before whisking in the broth and the milk.

Keep going by adding the other ingredients such as the lime juice, chilies, and others. Once the mixture has simmered, add the tofu cubes and the cooked shrimps inside the skillet. Fill in the bowls with the cooked rice and top with the soup made. Cap off the dish with chopped cilantro and serve. But remember to throw away the chilies and the grass before eating.

HealthyWiser’s ketone testing strips and ketogenic diet plans

HealthyWiser provides the ketone testing strips for people who want to know their ketone levels. The company offers a package that contains urinalysis test strips that let also let customers know the changes after taking ketogenic diet plans.

A storage container comes along with the package, plus a comprehensive ketone chart that consumers can use as references. The ketone testing strips also come with a Keto Diet digital material upon purchase. This electronic material contains a seven-day Keto diet program complete with a Keto food guide for daily use.

“I will definitely recommend these for use with starting and maintaining a ketogenic diet, especially if the user is unwilling or unable to use or purchase a glucose-style meter and test strips for monitoring their ketone level. I have been told that the meter monitoring is much more accurate and will test for the later ketones that your body produces when you’re out of the first stage of ketosis,” one customer pointed out on Amazon.

About the company

HealthyWiser has been providing products in the 21st century for personal health, wellness, and beauty. This company is a reputable name in the United States market that also offers pH test strips, digital pH meter, water testing kits, professional nail care system and more. For more information about the ketone test strips, visit their Amazon page.

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