The pandemic which has effected all of us has certainly had an effect across all businesses - small and large leading to many tough decisions having to be made.

For small businesses the worry about finding new customers whilst cutting down ongoing costs, especially marketing expenses can be a challenging dilemma. For larger business investment into future products and innovations are likely to be shelved as a 'nice to have' rather than a immediate necessity but unfortunately short term fire fighting vs. long term planning can just delay the inevitable if you cannot keep up with the competition.

To address these challenges new start-up Zest Innovation could see a way of utilising their collective knowledge and experience to help businesses maintain focus and activity on these areas.

For small business - typically providing a local service Zest Innovation will use their online knowledge to generate leads for these services, which will be provided to them to full-fill the customer's order. A small remuneration from those leads, which turn into orders, guarantees that further leads will  be provided.

Its' a win-win for small businesses - only paying a fee upon a successful order is ideal for a business owner. There are many advertisers and online marketing companies, which will charge for their services with the potential of reaching new clients but there are no guarantees. We don't provide potential - only actual  leads, from customers wanting their services. What business owner wouldn't want to take up such a service?

said a spokesperson for Zest Innovation.

The other service relates to larger business. Zest Innovation have worked with clients across many different sectors: from construction products to cloud based services to help them really understand the potential for their next innovation. This may include a new product or service recently launched, which is under performing or one under consideration.

Often the concept and rationale behind a new innovation is sound but it is the launch approach and execution, which often falls short and as a result, the idea itself bears the brunt of the criticism rather than the approach. The end result being a shelving of the idea with little chance of it being revisited as the company (or rather certain individuals) will take the view that: “we tried that once and it didn’t work”.

The team at Zest Innovation run pilots and test concepts and approaches to get the bottom of the real opportunity. Market research on its own can often provide a misleading steer as recipients responses are often based on what they feel they ought to do vs. what they would actually do when faced with a live commercial decision. The services Zest Innovation employ are much lest costly than a botched product launch and allow innovation to continue in tougher financial times ready to spring into action when market conditions allow.

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