(Submit Articles) Are you interested in SMS communication? You cannot pick from the many offers of SMS service providers on the Internet? Do you only care about sending SMS message from computer to mobile phone simply, cheaply and quickly ? Read through this short description and decide what is the best choice for you.

When you want to send or receive large number of SMS messages from or to your computer, you can read a lot about the SMS providers and SMS service providers. These two providers are often confused, but the two are not the same.

The SMS provider has the SMS technology, it is the mobile network operator. The SMS provider is the key element of sending SMS messages, because it provides the phone number. Without SMS provider you cannot send SMS message.

The SMS sercive provider is a business enterprise, which contract with many SMS providers. The SMS service provider offer bulk SMS sending to the most places in the world. It offers complementary services besides SMS providers. You can register online and buy various packages of SMS messages.

The SMS service provider can be:
SMS reseller/broker: buys a lot of SMS messages cheaply from different SMS providers and after that sells them. The SMS reseller/broker offers to send bulk SMS with simple user interface, some features. Depending on how much SMS messages you want to send, you can buy a package containing a different number of SMS messages. The more SMS messages you buy, the less one message would cost. The payment may be credit based or SMS based.
SMS Gateway provider: provides SMS gateway to send or receive SMS messages. There are more possibilities to use. You can send messages from your softwares too, not only from the web browser. It is suitable when you do not necessarily want to send large number of SMS messages, but regularly in small amounts.

SMS Gateway: The third possibility is to buy an SMS Gateway software. This solution is between the SMS providers and SMS service providers. You should purchase the SMS Gateway software, which is a one-off investment. After that you have to select a mobile network operator. Then there is not middleman between the SMS provider and you. You do not depend from the SMS reseller/broker so sending SMS messages is cheaper. You can send SMS messages from almost all of your system with the help of the SMS Gateway. There is safer operations and support too. There is not a limited minimum of monthly purchase. No other cost. Or even you can download a free trial version of the SMS Gateway. For example the Ozeki NG SMS Gateway offer all the features to try. So you can decide if it is good for you or not.

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