Here Are the Airwheel Scooter 2 Wheel People Are Most To Ride

26 Aug

26, August 2016: With so many vehicle types in this year, Airwheel gained an increasing popularity. And many consumers express their interest in those intelligent vehicles released by Airwheel.

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Recently, people are most excited to watch the Olympic sports such as gymnastics, swimming, rowing, archery or sailing etc. However in the field of intelligent self-balancing vehicles, several types of new comers of Airwheel also are worth to be noticed. Next they will be introduced by time order.

The latest one should be E3 backpack electric bike, a bike that can be stored into an exclusive backpack designed by Airwheel. With the “OO” shape design, E3 smart electric folding bike’s two wheels can be folded into the two circles completely so as to finish the main folding process. Afterword, riders need to fold the handrails, pedals and saddles to wrap it into the backpack. Therefore, it will be very convenient to be carried.


The one before E3 is the first member of Airwheel E series-E6 electric bicycle. Only weighing 12.6kg, E6 electric bike kit adopts the light aluminum alloy for its shell so riders can lift it very easily. By pulling the small part located at the intersection of the main X-shaped frame, riders can finish the main folding process. Other highlights like C-AT vehicle control system, EBS intelligent braking system and the rubber saddle with left-right design make E6 safe and comfortable.


S8 electric walkcar, Z5 standing up electric scooter and C5 intelligent helmet were first displayed in the very beginning of this year. S8 saddle-equipped electric scooter is known for its double riding postures-sitting and standing and its streamlined figure is also a highlight which raises the elegance of the electric scooter; Z5 2-wheeled electric scooter is recognized by its users, mostly because of its comfortable standing posture. Besides, the increased high-efficient USB interface located in the battery pack can be a portable power supply so it can charge our daily intelligent devices; C5 smart helmet is a new production line developed by Airwheel and its multiple functions is a big attraction for us such as high-definition sports camera, Bluetooth earphone and one key to answer phone call.

New products of Airwheel are splendid so people are very excited to ride.

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