Your Casual Style Life with Airwheel Electric Scooter and Electric Bikes

26 Aug

26, August 2016: Fashionable, light and meticulous, each series product of Airwheel has each own characters and brings pleasure and convenience to users to a large extent.

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Nowadays, it is not just a displacement from A to B about a trip. Guys enjoy the pleasure on the way so vehicles for casual riding start to show in the market. The following types are suitable for city casual riding, which are for your reference.

Incomparably comfortable-Airwheel S8


“Incomparably comfortable” is the expression for S8 double-wheels electric scooter for most riders. Different from traditional self-balancing scooters, S8 saddle-equipped electric scooter has two-mode posture, either standing or sitting so users can freely shift the posture as their wish. The pedal adopts the natural rubber and the concave-convex texture for protecting riders’ legs from bumpy. Meanwhile, it is left with 50mm’s adjustable space on the control lever so that users can lower it or raise it to the height that they feel comfortable.

Endless vitality-Airwheel Z5


Z5 2-wheeled electric scooter, black and is interspersed with orange, looks like very vigorous. Only weighing 13.15kg, Z5 standing up electric hoverboard can be folded. The smaller figure after folding and the light weight make it to be easily lifted, even girls can carry it. Although small, Z5 electric standing scooter has strong performance, for example, the maximum speed can reach up to 20km/h; the maximum loading capacity is 100kg; the maximum climbing angle is 15°. Therefore, it can be competent in coping with most of the city road surfaces.

Extremely portable-Airwheel E3


As a folding electric bike, E3’s most notable feature is that it can be kept into a backpack. Of course, the backpack shall be the specially designed one which is made by Airwheel. It is only 474mm×399mm×374mm after folding the main frame, pedals, handrails and saddles. One point to mention about E3 backpack electric bicycle that the main frame shows like a double “O” and the two wheels can be finely put into the two circles. Besides, the left-right design for saddles can ensure the balancing force on hip.

To sum up, no matter which type of intelligent electric scooters or bikes above, they can bring you convenience and portability and you can start your casual life with them.

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