Hilda’s Airwheel Q5 personal transporter twin-wheeled electric scooter

04 Feb

04, February 2016: There are several series of different kinds of self-balancing electric scooters; Hilda has chosen the Airwheel Q5. Let us find out the reasons. Hilda is an outgoing girl who takes part in a cycling club. Different from the usual bike riding, this cycling club is a group of persons who ride self-balancing electric scooters. And Hilda rides Airwheel Q5 self-balancing electric scooter making her movement colourful. Hilda is drawn by the exuberant look of the Airwheel Q5, the twin-wheel model designed for those who want to give a touch of colour to their day.


The spirit of the Airwheel Q5 is young and carefree, and so are its accessories, from the LED lighting, which lend a touch of joy and colour, ensuring safe travel at night or in conditions of reduced visibility, since they are visible from a great distance. What’s more, the soft, colourful cushions on the Airwheel Q5 twin-wheeled electric scooter make this Series Q model especially suited to a younger crowd who like to show off a little.


The pedals on the Airwheel Q5 electric self-balancing scooter have been further developed with respect to those mounted on previous models, making them even more shock resistant thanks to their rounded shape and aluminium alloy construction, as well as providing more vehicle stability and greater control for the feet. The Airwheel Q5 intelligent electric scooter mounts the lithium battery that is scientifically tested for an operating life of over 1800 charge cycles, or almost 4 times the duration of a normal battery for vehicles of this size.

Every riding activity, Hilda will choose the shade that best suits her mood every time before getting on board, thanks to the interchangeable cushions. During the process, Hilda is always the centre of the public, as she is surrounded by the monotonous colours. Based on the mentioned traits of Airwheel Q5 electric scooter, Hilda has lead a colourful life because of the colourful movement.

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