Simon West Announces Products for the New Year & Introduces Lifetime Guarantee

04 Feb

04, February 2016: Simon West Fine Jewellery, a premier jeweller for handmade diamond and engagement rings and other jewelleries in Australia, is pleased to announce that it now offers two new diamond products as well as a new feature that clients can take advantage of this New Year. The two new products are called the Ideal Square Diamond and the Chocolate Diamond.

The Ideal Square Diamond features unique qualities such as that it is mined and cut in Canada, is conflict-free, and comes with its own certificate. It’s the only square diamond that is proven to be as bright as a round brilliant cut diamond. It displays hearts and arrows when viewed under a hearts and arrows scope and has a laser inscription of the Canadian maple leaf.

The Chocolate Diamond is mined in Australia’s Argyle mines in Western Australia and also comes with a certificate telling how big it was before the cutting process. The Chocolate Diamond is sometimes described as a champagne/Cognac colour and is best set with white diamonds to help bring out its true beauty.

Simon West also introduces the Lifetime Guarantee which is a feature that comes with the purchase of any of their handmade engagement rings. This new feature will protect clients from any workmanship defects on the ring. This is an offer that is yet to be rivalled in the industry and works by having the ring inspected every 24 months. If a customer fails to do so, they lose the guarantee.

What makes Simon West Fine Jewellery stand out from the rest is that all their engagement rings are 100% handmade making it far more superior to other rings that are not handmade. They take photographs of the ring being built so the client sees exactly how their bespoke ring is created. These photos are then presented in a book that the client can keep as a keepsake.

These are just some of the things that bring Simon West Jewellery to the top of the pack when it comes to diamond jewellery. For more information on their new products, services, and bespoke rings, visit their site here: