Bruises are the skin injury which occurs on your soft skin tissue. It occurs when tiny blood vessels are harmed due to a bump. Medically bruises are known as contusion. In this condition blood vessels are damaged and leave behind a black or blue mark. Usually among the kids it is very common phenomenon. Usually bruise is an injury to the tissue under the skin.

Bruises are caused during a rigorous exercise session especially among the athletes or weight lifters. It is also caused due to bumping and banging against something. The bruises among the elder people occur easily due to the fragile condition of the skin. Some unexplained bruises are caused due to a fall or getting hit during some sports activities.

The major symptoms of bruises are reddish color which afterwards changes to blue or purple in a short span of time. When the bruises turn to yellow or green then it takes few days to heal completely. Sometimes without having contact with any object bruises arise on the body leaving black and blue mark. Some individuals especially women are more susceptible to bruising. It increases with the growing age also.

Bruises disappear eventually over time when our body will reabsorb the blood which is associated with the bruise. If someone is interested for speedy recovery of the bruises or want instant relief then you may consider some of the home remedies for bruising.

1. To encourage speedy healing of the bruise you can soak a piece of cotton gauze in apple cider or white vinegar and then apply it on the affected skin for at least one hour. It is an effective remedy for bruise.

2. Intake of vitamin K is very helpful in reducing the problem of bruises. You must take vitamin K supplement to encourage the clotting of the blood. You can also take alfalfa as a substitute of vitamin K.

3. You can apply cold water to reduce the pain and it also subsides the swelling on the area.

4. You can also apply crushed parsley to the bruises. It is having great healing properties. It provides therapeutic relief to blue and black marks.

5. Tea is also very effective in reducing the problem of bruises. It not only reduces the pain of the bruises but also lessen the appearance of a bruise. You have to soak a cloth in comfrey tea and apply over the affected area carefully.

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