If your carpet is new and there is some stains due to some reason then this condition is very frustrating. Many people donâ€â„¢t want to use some commercial products as they may react in some other way and leave some permanent stain. For immediate relief of the stain you may search your kitchen. There are always some products in our kitchen which gives us some permanent solution to remove carpet stains. You must always remember that you should not brush the stain and even soak the carpet with liquid.

Carpets get stained when the things like tomato ketchup, chocolate drops, wine etc fall on it. Some of the popular home remedies to clean the carpet stains:

1. If the stain is new you can try water also. It will remove the strain from the carpet. Nowadays many carpet come with stain resistant treatments, so you can remove many spills with the help of water only. You just pour some water on the affected area. Then blot it with the help of white paper towels and clan white cotton cloth. Please remember not to rub the spot. To soak up the stain and water just press it down. You can repeat the process by just adding water. You can repeat the process till there is no stain transferring to the paper towels or cloth.

2. With the help of the spoon you can scrap out the stains like peanut butter, pudding and other different types of solids. First remove this ingredient as much as possible and after that you can add water or other cleaning solvents. It is also an effective way of removing stains from the carpet.

3. Some solids when they become dry, they can be broken up and can be vacuumed easily. So repeat this process as long as there is a maximum removal of the stains and after that the remaining stains can be removed by rinsing it with water and blotting it dry. If water is not sufficient then you can move to the other solvents.

4. You can make use of 90% isopropyl alcohol to remove the stains due to ink and the other similar type of stains. There is no need to pour the alcohol on the carpet. Don't rub the area but just blot the area carefully. Repeat this process until there is a complete removal of the stain.

5. Dish wash detergent is also one of an effective remedy to remove the carpet stains. It is very effective for greasy food stains.

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