All the women suffer from various psychological and physiological changes in their life especially when their menstrual cycle ceases. The symptoms of menstrual cycle are different for different women and it is also very wide. Women feel changes due to menopause suddenly or gradually. It is a condition in which there is an ending of the reproductive cycle of a woman. It is a natural phenomenon and every woman has to face this problem. This is the result of the hormonal changes which occurs in the body of a woman disturbing the normal life process.

It can be treated effectively by the help of the natural remedy. With the help of nutrition, herbs and vitamins and homeopathy the problem of menopause can be treated easily.

1. Herbs are very helpful in the treatment of menopause. The herb black cohosh is a popular natural remedy for the problem of menopause. It is used in popular natural remedy like remifemin. It is very effective in menopause as it helps with hot flushes, painful periods, migraines, anxiety and heart palpitations.

2. There is an alternative herb known as St John's Wort which is very helpful and useful remedy for menopause. It is best for mild forms of depression and anxiety.

3. Vitamins play a vital role in every problem of our body. Body requires different vitamins at different times in our life. Sometimes there are requirement of extra supplements of vitamins other then the food we intake. During menopause the extra supplements of vitamins help us to fight with many problems. Right quality and quantity of vitamins help to protect our body from disease and also to reduce the symptom of menopause. Our body requires a multivitamin which contains 400 mg of vitamin D, 3mg Boron, 200 mcg selenium, 100 mcg vitamin K, 400 mcg folic acid, 50-100 mcg vitamin B12, 600 mg magnesium, 200 mcg selenium.

4. For the treatment of menopause, Soy has received a maximum publicity in relation to menopause. One of its main benefits is to help in alleviate hot flushes. Nowadays many cereal based food products like breakfast cereals and bread contains soy. For the problem of menopause this food product is the best home remedy. Soy contains an active constituent known as soy isoflavones act as a natural remedy for the problem of menopause.

5. Diet and exercise also play vital role in reducing the symptom of menopause. Zone diet and Mediterranean diet are healthy options to control the weight which is very helpful in reducing the symptom of menopause.

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