We know that chipmunks are very destructive to our lawn and garden but they are furry and cute. The Eastern chipmunk is the smallest member of the family of squirrel. The size of the chipmunk ranges from 8-10 inches. Usually the chipmunks are the ground dwellers but for food and protection whenever they need they climb the trees and the shrubs. There are three dark dorsal stripes on its reddish brown coat. Chipmunks are very alert to danger and are very quick in the movements. Chipmunks prefer to move on open wooded areas where plenty of food producing trees and bushes are available. Chipmunks get often attracted by flowers, gardens, food and protection offered by shrubbery and the various types of landscaping. Due to this nature only, the well-being of a home gets threatens by its appearance. That's why this cute, playful little creature is not liked by the home owners.

Chipmunks eat nuts (acorns), grain (corn), mushrooms, seeds (sunflower or other seed in a bird seed mix), insects (caterpillars) and a rare item which is included in the diet of the chipmunks, some carrion (dead animal tissue).

Now the people are ready with ingenious traps for taking of their spaces especially outdoor spaces. Some home remedies to reduce the presence of chipmunks -

1. If you want to keep the chipmunks away from ruining your flowers then add two tablespoons of cayenne pepper in one quart of boiling hot water. Allow the mixture to cool off. After that drain the liquid by using cheesecloth. Transfer the mixture into a spray bottle and then spray the buds when they start to flower.

2. Take black pepper, whole chilies, cayenne pepper and by using the blender blend it. Then mix these ingredients in the watering container which is already filled with water. Saturate the soil around the base of the plants by using this fiery solution. It is also an effective remedy to keep chipmunks away from destroying the flowering plants.

3. Mix one tablespoon of liquid dish soap and in equal amount natural Baar castor oil with the help of a blender. Mix these ingredients into a consistency like shaving cream. Then mix six tablespoon of water in the mixture and again mix it. In two gallons of water in a watering container add two tablespoon of this mixture and mix it properly. Sprinkle this mixture over the holes in the garden spaces and in your yard. It is an effective chipmunk repellent.

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