If you are a fashion freak and have a fetish for printed hoodies, then this press release may be of some interest to you. In a highly publicized PR, the CEO of “ËœDesign Your Own Hoodie’ states, “We are a hoodie printing company offering you personalised hoodies, designer custom hoodies and even personalised aprons and knickers. Printed hoodies are currently the trend in the fashion bazaar and keeping with the trend, we have designed a designer tool that will enable all our visitors to design their own hoodies.“

So, can we design our own hoodies using all our favorite color, designs and prints? The CEO of http://www.designyourownhoodie.co.uk ratifies the fact as he remarks, “Oh yes! The great news is that you can design the hoodies after going through thousands of available designs and patterns. You can also choose from a very wide range of colors of various shades. Plus, you can create custom-made texts, slogans or captions and insert them anywhere in the front, back or sides. You can also choose from a wide range of slogans or make your own personalised ones.“

And what about printing them? Do we get the hoodies exactly as we desire? The CEO adds, “No question can be raised about the quality of our printing which is without any flaw. After designing your hoodie, using our hoodie maker, you place your order. Thereafter, we make the printed hoodies exactly the way you have designed them. We take pride in the quality of our fabric and can assure you of the longevity and durability of the product.

We are UK’s leading hoodie printing company and have a cemented reputation. You can count on us to give you complete satisfaction and, certainly, more than your money’s worth. We, hereby, request you to allow us to serve you and make printed hoodies for you,“ he concludes.

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