Cruising around in style in New York can be a fun thing to do. Prom season, holidays, weddings, birthdays, and other special events turn more extravagant and magnificent when a limousine carts you around. Even though it seems convenient to hire a limo by just dialing the number and ordering one to pull-in at a certain time and day, there's in fact much more to consider. Read on to learn how to hire a limo for a big event.

Select A Limo Depending Upon The Number Of People

Before calling a rental company, decide on the number of people who will be going to the event with you. This will help you decide on the size of the New York limousine you will need. For instance, you can hire a sedan for small numbers of 2 or 3 and a stretch limousine if there are more than fifteen people to fit.

Check The Condition Of The Limousine

Since you are paying for the service, it’s your right to check if the limo is in a good condition. Also be very clear about the type of limousine you want. The more specific you are, the more likely it will be for you to get what you desire.

Also, pay attention to other details such as the uniform of the driver. This is especially important if you are going out for a formal party or an event which obligates the driver to be in a formal outfit.

The Company Should Accept Credit Cards

Make sure the company accepts credit cards as a method of payment for the car.

Plan Early

Mostly all good New York limousine services get booked quickly. Hence, reserve your car early enough to get what you want. If the occasion or reason for leasing the limousine is taking place during the holidays, the limousines are going to be in very high demand. You will need to make your reservations well beforehand to assure that you do get the service. In fact if you book early, you may even get special rates for certain events (e.g. trips to and from the airport, proms and weddings). Some companies may even offer discounts for corporate events.

Verify The Company

You need to check the New York limousine service and ensure that they are fully licensed within the country and state. Although not absolutely crucial, but they should be properly insured as well.

Most good New York limousine services offer extras for your trip. For instance, they offer additional services like flowers, champagne, and infant booster and baby seats. They even let the customer decide on the particular streets he wants to drive down to the event. However, you are required to discuss all this with the company when you rent the vehicle.

Check How Early You Can Reserve The Limousine

Some services will let you reserve as much as even a year prior to the event. Verify the time frame in which you can book the desired means of transportation for your function.

These tips for hiring a New York limousine will assist you in planning your big event in advance. Try considering all the above points before coming to a final decision. Also, read the fine lines in the contract before you sign and make sure the document check for extra services contains all the specifics discussed.

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