New York, November 11, 2013: The website introduces an innovative tool named HotelCO2, which has been designed to calculate the carbon emissions of the hotel rooms. The website states that nowadays guests are more aware of the issues related to environmental conservation and prefer Green Hotels as compared to other hotels which consume more energy and do not promote green initiatives. They would stay in hotels wherein green initiatives have been implemented and because they believe that hotels must work towards transforming them into Sustainable Hotels.

As per the website, HotelCO2 is a tool designed for the hotel managers so that carbon emissions can easily be calculated. The manger does not require any prior knowledge of such reporting and it can be used by any hotel class and type. The tool makes the process of CO2 reporting easier and better as compared to performing the calculations all by the mangers using some manual and complex ways.

The website demonstrates that this Hotel Carbon Measurement tool offers some additional and free of cost services like benchmarking the energy consumption of a particular hotel, calculating CO2 emissions of an individual client from holding meetings and staying at the particular hotel. They also provide training and assistance as well as verify the hotel’s data independently. It is highly useful in meeting the expectations of the customers and improving the hotel’s performance level. It must be used by the hotel mangers so as to save the Environment from getting polluted or affected by the CO2 emissions.

According to the website, there are certain benefits associated with the HotelCO2 tool used for calculating the Hotel Carbon Emissions. The tool helps in improving the energy management and reducing the costs which the hotels can effectively manage to improve their services. The stakeholders can be properly communicated by using the process of carbon reporting which will show that the hotel follows the industry’s best practices.

Moreover, now it becomes possible for a hotel to respond to the corporate RFPs with the adoption of this tool. The hotel can attract new customers and can retain the old ones by demonstrating their commitments towards carbon management. It assists in complying with the carbon reporting legislation or preparing for the upcoming legislation. It has been proved that this tool helps improving profitability of the hotel as well by significantly reducing the energy consumption level.

For more details about the tool, one may visit the website .

About HotelCO2

HotelCO2 is specially designed tool for hotel managers so that they can effectively calculate the carbon emissions of both the meeting and hotel rooms. It includes six easy steps for calculating CO2 emissions. The tool helps hotels to respond to the requests made by customers, particularly corporate RFPs. This tool has been adopted by various hotel companies around the world.

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