Tel Aviv, November 11, 2013 — In the recent times, lots of innovative features are being incorporated in the modern home designs. Besides keeping a great aesthetics in mind, a great emphasis is given on the optimum level of space utilization, use of energy efficient elements and the utilization of environment-friendly features. While thinking designs for the modern homes, most architects and ×ž×¢×¦×‘×™ פנים keep the issues of the present times in concern, and a solution is presented that can address modern issues suitably and can bring a comfortable and elegant looking living space for the mankind. These factors form the basis of the Contemporary ×¢×™×¦×•×‘ הבית, and now Barbara Berzin Studio introduces the modern Interior Design for students to gain the necessary expertise and emerge as the solution provider for the contemporary building designing needs. 

According to the Founder of the Studio, Barbara Berzin, “The Interior Designing doesn’t just mean to offer a great appearance to one’s home. Our ×œ×™×ž×•×“×™ עיצוב פנים focus on teaching about the functional features of the modern homes besides maintaining a great aesthetic appeal.” She believes that in the modern era, the ××“ריכלות ועיצוב פנים can play a great role in conserving energy and natural resources and contributing towards environmental conservation. 

Today, the building and construction industry is witnessing a massive expansion across the globe. But according to Barbara, the industry is looking forward to solution providers, but not only a great designer. This is the reason why she has added the contemporary design features in the Interior Design and ×œ×™×ž×•×“×™ אדריכלות that are taught in her studio. With the addition of these contemporary design topics, now their ×§×•×¨×¡ עיצוב פניםת becomes complete and can bring highly paying career opportunities for all those who pass out from the studio. 

According to Barbara, many students who ×œ×™×ž×•×“×™ אדריכלות ועיצוב פניםת in her studio are today enjoying their high-flying career in the industry. “They are successful because they are solution providers for the modern generation,” she reveals. All young boys or girls who want to ×œ×™×ž×•×“ עצוב פניםת in her studio and want to start their flourishing career as a talented building and construction industry professional can learn more about the courses offered by Barbara Berzin Studio by visiting the website

About Barbara Berzin Studio 

Barbara Berzin Studio is founded by the leading interior designer Barbara Berzin who has more than 17 years of experience in the architecture and design industry. She teaches all the “secrets” of the interior design profession and offers a range of Interior Design Studies to all those who want to build a flourishing career in the building and construction industry. 

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