(Submit Articles) Anywhere in the world, you can find postcards. Even if you are at an urbanized city or a rural setting, there is always likelihood that you get postcards that you can send to your friends and loved ones. You can get these for a relatively cheap price, too. However, you may have to settle with generic-looking postcards that may not be visually appealing. If you want to go for unique designs, go for custom postcard printing. Custom postcard printing is not a service that needs an exorbitant sum. If you want to save on costs, you can make pursue custom postcard printing on your own. You do not need to go for highly expensive materials. Also, you do not have to pay for the services rendered by other people. So, if you have time to spare, go for custom postcard printing at the comfort of your own home.

Here are the tools and materials you need to prepare:
- Computer
- Printer
- Paper stock
- Scissors

If you are ready to proceed with custom postcard printing, here are the guidelines you need to keep in mind:

- Set the measurement for your postcards. Go for the standard size, so you would not have to have problems with mailing. If you go for special mailing services, you can opt for non-standard sizes and shapes, too.

- Work on your design template. You need to create an over-all theme for your postcards. Start by finding out what designs your receivers may appreciate. You can make use of design elements that are meaningful for the receivers.

- Use high resolution images. One problem that design beginners often do is making use of images that are of low-resolution. As a result, the quality of the prints is not that great. The prints may look highly pixelated.

- Use illustrations and sketches, among others. If you want a unique postcard, make the most out of your creative skills. Opt for design elements that are not usually used in postcards and make it work.

- Compose your message. The content of your postcard is as important as the design. Make your message short and direct. Bear in mind that you do not have the luxury of space when it comes to postcard templates.

- Once you are done working on your postcard template, run a test print. In doing so, you can save yourself from the hassle of reprinting later on. Find out if your postcard templates have any errors which can still be revised.

- Make use of high-quality materials. If you want your postcards to look professional, make use of paper stock and ink type that can provide you with quality results.

If you wish to go for professional-looking prints, you can opt for commercial printers instead of the services of your own desktop printer. If you have not availed of the services of commercial printers, here are some pointers.

- Check the capabilities of the commercial printers. You do not want to settle with commercial printers that may not provide you with the prints that you expect.

- Request for product samples. If you are in the vicinity of these commercial printers, ask for samples, so you can compare what they have to offer.

- Compare and contrast the pricing system as well as the services being offered.

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