How does the Airwheel Z3 good quality electric skateboards be born?

28 Jan

28, January 2016: Today, we are lucky to hear about the born process of Airwheel Z3, a two wheel electric scooter that has a super star in Airwheel, as it is enjoyed by a large consumer base. Initially, when the principal thinks of the Z3 electric scooter’s design, Airwheel tries to make itself completely at the user's point of view.


Airwheel thinks it must have long range that can let riders go to the farther place; standing platform is trying to wider, and let riders ride more comfortably. It also needs a screen, used to display the remaining battery power, the current speed and mileage. But, what is it? So huge, bulky and expensive, does anyone really need such a product?

Through market investigation, Airwheel found that more than 80% of the people use electric scooter to travel within the radius about 10 km. This gives us a very good direction, it is obvious that people for the actual needs of range do not what they want, but most people have not been able to realize this point. Provide consumers with products they really need, instead of attaching more performance yet little used. Maximum range 20km, and top speed of 20km / h, 11.6kg item weight, Airwheel thinks such a relatively more balanced configuration, can better meet the most people's daily needs. Meanwhile, let people have their most suitable daily electric scooters with less money. This is cost effective.


If people's budget is more abundant, or there are special needs, do not worry, Airwheel Z3 also prepares a reasonable solution to such occasion. Usually, the battery pack equipped on a motorized scooter is hard to disassemble, while Airwheel has made the battery pack of Airwheel Z3 2-wheeled electric scooter in the external and replaceable design. That is, people can easily disassemble and replace the battery. It only takes a few seconds to finish it even if they have little operational ability.

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