Perth Cyclists In A Spin Over Unsuitable City Bike Racks

28 Jan

Australia’s top parking specialist is working hard to combat the issue of unsuitable bike racks in Perth. According to Parkers WA, cyclists are complaining about poor-quality products that are not fit for purpose. The number of bikes stolen in the capital increases every year and the local authority's solutions don’t cut the mustard. Locals fear the situation will become even worse if changes aren’t made fast. Thankfully, the experts at Parkers WA have the perfect products for all cyclists in the city. You just need to convince your council that it’s worth the expense.

Cycling has become a daily task for most people living in Perth. That is because cars damage the environment, and public transport is busy. Using a bike is considered to be the best option for those who work within a reasonable distance of their home. However, the city’s parking and storage racks don’t fit most of the latest models. That’s why the guys at are pushing their cutting edge products. They even supply bollards, which have become essential for designated bicycle areas. The item stops motorists from blocking access to the racks.

Parkers WA has become the leading voice for cyclists in the big city. The team works hard to highlight issues and ensure authorities understand your plight. They now provide speed humps, warning signs, and fully automated gates too. Designers hope the products will keep cyclists and their equipment safe from theft and damage. That is why the company is going from strength to strength in 2016. It seems as though the politicians in Perth are beginning to listen.

Private companies can also make purchases when developing new premises. Perhaps you want to encourage your workers to go green? Well, using a bike to get to work is the best way to reduce their impact on the environment. Buying suitable racks and other products could help to make that happen. Best of all? The sales team promises to beat any written quotations to secure your business. It’s hard to find a better deal elsewhere, and even if you do, this company will beat it.

Customers can browse prices and photographs via the Parkers WA website. They can also read great blog posts and learn more. Anyone who wants to get in touch with the team should use the appropriate form. Alternatively, we’ve published their contact details at the bottom of this page. Safety is an important priority for this brand, and all their products are designed for the benefit of cyclists in Perth.
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