DVD CD Duplication is a process by which data is burned on to a blank disc, burning is the same process you would use to burn disc on your PC. But, the companies involved in DVD/CD duplication use bulk copiers to make several replicas of a master copy at the same time. The master DVD or CD is duplicated onto a high quality media which is easily compatible with most of the electronic hardware. CD DVD Replication uses a different manufacturing method; the data to be copied is embedded into the disc as the disc is manufactured from raw plastic pellets. Replication is normally for quantities of over 1,000.

Today, there are many people who release their CD or DVD of songs, videos etc. For this, they use DVD CD Replication/Duplication companies to make thousands of replicas of their master CD or DVD. If you are thinking of placing an order for 2-3 Discs for duplication then you are better burning your discs at home these as very small quantities are not the specialty of such companies.

These companies deliver your order within a very short time without compromising quality. Replicated DVDs or CDs are as reliable as the original master copy.

The companies involved in CD replication and Disk duplication offer other services as well, such as: CD DVD packaging, CD DVD custom printing, art work services etc. also CD printing on the face of the disc is one of their services in which high quality CD/DVD automatic disc face printers are used to produce the fastest and best results.

CD DVD replication companies keep customers master copies in a locked vault area which is accessible to few people. Moreover, with video cameras on premises, locked doors and 24 hour security personal ensures full security of customer’s masters DVD or CD and inventory.

When choosing a CD DVD replication company, it is very important that you choose a company that offers all the services you require from start to finish. To make your CD or DVD look good you can look for other services like custom disc packaging.

So, get your next assignment done with the help of these professionals. These companies have highly trained personnel and very advanced equipment which help your project look stand out from the crowd.

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