The scope of opportunities being offered in is unlimited, all that you require is the appropriate qualifications Hotel jobs are those jobs involved with the Hospitality industry. The word hospitality covers hotels
, restaurants, industrial or organized catering for offices, hospitals, educational institutions, private homes, defense services, railways, cruise ships and flight catering. Though the word hospitality itself conjures images of throwing good parties, gracious entertaining hosts, food and drink, hospitality used to be and still is a serious duty and responsibility. The service offered by hospitality institutions such as hotels is moral obligation by the owners of the place to provide the best possible care to its customers.

Thus those in hotel jobs have to understand and appreciate the relationship between guest and host and that the actions and decisions originating from either the guest or host have consequences for both agents. Categories of hotel jobs are : Chefs & Cooks (All Cuisines) Restaurant Managers Captains & Stewards Banquets Housekeeping Sales & Marketing Front Office Guest relations General Managers Heads of Departments Finance & Accounts Travel Related services Hostesses Maintenance & Engineering Event Managers.

The demand for Indian hotel managers and staff in the international industry is very high. This is particularly so in the Middle East, in cities like Dubai. One reason is that there is acute shortage of locally trained manpower. And there are hardly any institutions offering professional training, in these countries. The shortage of skilled and experienced professionals is also being felt in developed countries in Europe (including the UK), the USA, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong etc. Their preference is for Indian managers because of their high educational level, quality of education standards followed by Hospitality Management Schools of India and the valuable experience they gain by working in India and serving nationals of every country. Official surveys estimate that International employers recruit about 20% of Indian management graduates every year.

Recent years have seen a growing trend towards hiring Indian managers internationally in large numbers in other service sectors like banks, airlines, multiplexes, shopping malls, cruise ships etc. A fairly large number of International companies are now coming to Indian management institutions offering placements for newly trained graduates, in a routine manner.

Apart from the new graduates, there is also a high demand for those who have experience working in hotels and restaurants
, particularly in areas dealing with customers, like front office. In appreciation of their skill in handling customers of all hues a number of hospitality managers with good records have been welcomed into other service sectors such as banking, airlines, call centers etc. this throws up an more increasing number of job opportunities for hospitality professionals

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