How to Beat the IRS, Legally… Pay the Minimum Amount of Tax…

12 Sep

12, September 2016: With the IRS tax return filing deadline fast approaching for those Americans that put their 2015 return on extension, we are once again reminded of our least favorite pastime: Taxes! Many Americans face the daily reality of owing large sums of money to the IRS, and the stress that comes with that tax debt.

E. Dennis Bridges, a CPA based in Atlanta, is the author of the just-released new book on how to prevent and fix IRS tax problems. In What To Do When The IRS Comes Calling, available now on Amazon. Dennis discusses exactly how taxpayers can make the most of the tax laws for their own benefit, rather than the government’s. In this new book, Dennis covers topics such as:

- Exactly what self-employed individuals needs to do in order to avoid expensive tax penalties;
- The actions required by small business owners in order to stay off the IRS radar;
- Commonly missed tax deductions that can turn a tax bill into a tax refund;
- Why fear is the single best weapon used by the IRS;
- What to expect when your tax return shows an amount due that you cannot afford to pay;
- How to address a bill from the IRS;
- What to do when the IRS comes knocking on your door;

“Even with the economy supposedly improving, there continue to be tens of millions of taxpayers oppressed with back taxes owed to the IRS,” says Dennis. “I want to give readers two very important things: Hope and Power. We have sadly seen businesses ruined and families torn apart over the horrid sense of helplessness at the thought of dealing with the IRS. We want to restore hope to these millions of taxpayers, but we also want to empower them to know that the IRS has rules and guidelines that they, too, are required to follow, and that taxpayers have very definite rights in wiping out their IRS nightmares.”

Dennis works with clients to not only address their IRS problems, but to also prevent them. Nobody is required to pay any more tax than required by law, and Dennis takes pride in ensuring clients pay their legal minimum. He says, "As far as the tax-cutting guidance we provide in the book and to all our clients, we want to help as many taxpayers as possible not just survive, but to thrive financially. The tax code is running over with tax-cutting secrets that the IRS would prefer to keep secret."

For additional information, please What To Do When The IRS Comes Calling via Amazon, or visit Dennis’ informative website at

To obtain assistance with an IRS problem, please call his office directly at (770) 984-8008.

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