MySpace promotion has recently emerged as a very popular trend for recording artists. There are certain strategies that you have to follow in order to make your songs and your profile popular on MySpace. It is not as simple as putting 10-20 songs on your profile and waiting for the other members to come automatically and start to play them. New friend requests do not come that easily. An interesting profile with the best songs uploaded on it is not enough to increase myspace plays or views. Following is a brief run down on how even new artists can attract hundreds of visitors in a very short time and have hundreds of plays for their songs every day.

Pumping Up The Song Plays And Its Obvious Advantages

One proven strategy to significantly increase myspace views is to pump up the number of song plays, but that obviously is not an easy task unless you have a large number of people in your friend list. Yes, if you upload over ten thousand songs on your profile, you will have a good chance to attract a large number of visitors, but again, it will take you an age long time to record that many songs. Even if you have uploaded only ten songs, these websites can help in significantly increasing the number of plays per day. However, you have to be very careful while availing such services because some of them are unscrupulous and they use wrong ways to pump up the song plays. For example, many of them use scripts, software, and bots to manipulate the number of plays. Your profile might show a high number of song plays, but you may not be able to verify the same on “Artist Dashboard“, which is the official MySpace tracker. So, it is very important for you to make sure that the service you are using for MySpace promotion is using genuine ways for music promotion.

A genuine promoter is the one who increases the number of songs played in a way that is verifiable on the Artist Dashboard. You are strongly recommended not to use bots or software programs (even if they are free) for this purpose because such attempts may lead to having your songs deleted and your profile banned on MySpace. After all, it is cheating. By doing such things, you are actually trying to hurt the advertising revenue of myspace, which is obviously something they will not tolerate. Therefore, you had better rely on a genuine MySpace promotion service provider who charges a certain amount of fee and guarantees a certain hike in the number of plays that come with real profile views, which can be easily tracked on Article Dashboard.

With the number of plays rising, you will also be able to get more myspace friends. With the standard setting of myspace band page promotion through such services, you can receive 50-150 new friend requests every day. You will be able to receive more comments on your profile and the activity level will automatically be increased significantly. However, it is important for you to keep in mind that the new friend requests you get are not a part of the MySpace promotion service. You start to get it automatically with the rise in the number of plays of your songs.

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