People always fall short of space in their homes. It could be because of expanding families or because they have downsized to smaller homes. People tend to buy and accumulate possessions and this puts a strain on their living space. This is when the extra space provided by the many self storage facilities comes in handy.

The other reason that people require self storage space is when they are renovating their homes and need to move their household furnishings out until their homes have been remodeled. They, of course, move into a convenient neighborhood hotel and move their furnishings into any of the local mini self storage facility.

It is not just the individuals who require the services offered by these self storage facilities. Such facilities can be used advantageously by small business as well as commercial enterprises for temporary storing. Businesses and commercial enterprises use the self storage space offered by the storing facilities for storing their excess inventories, machinery, equipment, and their important documents.

The Benefits

All mini self storage facilities offer the customers options of selecting the amount of space they require. There are storing units of different sizes, and you get to select the size appropriate to your needs.

Different sized units as well as different types of units cost differently. The larger ones cost more in self storage rentals than the smaller ones. This way you only pay for the space you require and have leased.

You then have a choice of opting for either a regular storing unit or a climate controlled storing unit. Most of the self storage facilities offer both types of units. The advantage of leasing climate controlled units is that they are maintained under controlled temperature and humidity conditions. These units are ideal for storing your furniture, heirlooms, antiques, musical instruments, electronic equipment, and art works, among others. Businesses can safely store their important documents and records in such units.

The self storage rental for a climate controlled storing unit, of course, will be more than the rental for a regular unit. You, however, have the advantage of ensuring that your possessions are safe from the vagaries of the weather, dust, mold, mildew, and the variety of insects and pests.

Security And Rentals

Most of the leading self storage facilities have state-of-the-art security systems installed in their facilities. The access into the facilities is either through electronically controlled gates with keypad codes or through biometric fingerprint identification.

There are video surveillance cameras for recording and monitoring all movements inside the facilities. Door alarms, extra secured locks, fire and smoke detector, and water sprinklers - all these for the security of your possessions.

Self storage rentals are charged on a month to month basis. These facilities are basically for short term leasing, but many people use them for longer periods as well.

Many self storage facilities offer discounts if you lease units for longer periods, say for 6 months or for a year. Some offer as much as 99% discount on your first month’s self storage rental.

Are you faced with the dilemma of throwing your cherished stuff or moving to a bigger home! Self storage facilities are the perfect answer to your needs. Have peace of mind, store your things in a self storage space.

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