Have you got a chandelier hanging on your ceiling that was once a beautiful centre piece but is now looking rather dusty and not cared for. Is that once beautiful chandelier which used to be commented on as an item of aesthetic excellence now looking a bit like an eye sore?

If this is the case then don’tworry just read on and your problems will be solved.

One approach is to pull in the experts and they will return you chandelier to its former glory by meticulously dismantling it and cleaning all the components and then reassembling the chandelier in your room. This is definitely the approach for some and certainly if you are not practical and god at handling delicate objects then don’ttry it yourself. However, with a bit of care and patience then you can take on the crystal chandelier cleaning yourself.

The first step is to take a picture or make a drawing of your chandelier so you know where all the pieces go. This is fundamental as you do not want to get to the stage or reassembly and not know where to put the crystal trimmings or you might end up with a totally different looking chandelier which is far from what you want.

Then ensure that you have a firm platform or safe access to your chandelier so you can reach all the parts withy safety.

The next step is to carefully take off all the crystal trimmings and arrange them on a work area on clearly noting which parts reference the parts from your chandelier drawing of photograph.

Then, take your crystal trimmings and gently wash them in a bowl of mild detergent and place them back on your work area. The crystal trimming can they be left to dry or wiped down with a clean soft cloth and they will sparkle as they used to when the Chandelier was first hung.

The final step is then simply to put all the crystal trimming back on the chandelier in there correct place as shown on your original diagram.

And that is it. Now take a look and your chandelier should have all the sparkle, glamour and glitter that it used to have. Your chandelier now can proudly take the central position in your room and return to being adored by you and your visitors.

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