A Network of business investors keen is a network to invest in early stage investors that have potential to create disproportionate value. The members of small business funding this Network may be the leaders in the Entrepreneurial Eco-System as they may have strong operational experience as CEOs or a background of creating new as well as successful ventures. They share a passion to create value and scale for startup ventures.

This Network believes that early stage investors need more than money to succeed. They need close mentoring and inputs on 'strategy and execution'. The Network aims at enhancing the success rate of early stage investors significantly through high quality vast networks, mentoring and inputs on 'strategy and execution.

The Network of business investors allows members to come together and to use their experience and exceptional set skill to, are better able to assess the identify and potential risks at an early stage. A Network of business investors has some key USPs.

They bring:

1)Willingness to invest money and time
2)Strong entrepreneurial and operational background of investors
3)Simple term sheet
4)Quick feedback on the investment decision
5)Ability to leverage a vast network

They look at multiple sectors for investment:

1)Banking and Financial Services
2)Clean tech and Water
3)Agriculture / Food processing
4)Biotech, Pharma & Life Sciences
7)High end BPO / KPO
9)Media, Entertainment and Mobile VAS
10)IT products & services
11)Travel, Tourism & Hospitality
12)Telecom & embedded domains
14)Other area that excites Network members

The Network is likely to invest in start-ups that match the below criteria:

  • Scalable business
  • A complementary management team
  • High barriers to entry

Why The Network?

The Network Members have number of investment avenues as well as entrepreneurial investment propositions. Thus, the value proposition of the investment and the venture opportunity need to be compelling. Please look carefully at the suggested funding application because it gives fewer details for a business plan to be considered.

The Key USPs it provides:

  • It seeks to add value by providing mentoring/ advice an access to its network in addition to money so its members are likely to invest in businesses where they have the ability to add such value.
  • Investors with operational and strong backgrounds who are willing to invest not only money but also time adding value to the invitee companies and also providing them access to their vast networks.
  • Finance investment
  • A simple term sheet

So, business investors should look & understands all these things and should look carefully at the suggested funding application before investing the money and time.

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