Pocket folders are becoming everyday things that many people utilize on a regular basis. In every need and purpose, a pocket folder printing would surely be there. In everyday situations like that in schools and offices, a pocket folder is one of the essential accessories that can be found.

Students and professionals alike use these folders to carry their documents – for the students, they are used to keep homework, report cards, term papers, and the handouts from the classes they have. For those employed, pocket folders act as presentation folders wherein other print promotional materials are kept organized and sorted out. They are even used for sending and mailing out marketing collaterals to the target clients.

So if you would like to design and print your own pocket folder printing, including your company or school logo attached to it, it is indeed simple. Just follow these steps to an effective pocket folder design from scratch.

There are two ways you can create your pocket folder: one, to do it digitally; and two, manually. In this case, letâ€â„¢s talk about printing pocket folders digitally.

The first step is to download a template from a website. You can find different and varying pocket folder templates online. Many websites have made it possible for anybody to download a ready-made template that can be easily customized to the specific company or need that one has. Some of these templates can then be manipulated using application programs such as the Adobe Illustrator. But if you donâ€â„¢t have it, then you can still download a PDF file from a website. And if you want to go at it from scratch, the wisest step is to build your own template from an already existing template. Use the latter as a guide to help you design and create your own layout for your pocket folder.

Next, open your downloaded template in a graphic design application such as the Adobe Illustrator. And then save the template as a new file. Just remember to save the template to a new file so you wonâ€â„¢t make the mistake of writing over the template layout. Indicate a file name and save it to a folder that would be easy for you to find later on.

Then, provide your design to your pocket folder. Look at the template and be guided where you should put your folds. Add text and/or graphic images to enhance the look of your design. Just remember that the right side of the template represents the outside of your pocket folder printing. Hence, the right side is the front, while the left side is the back. The two flaps at the bottom on the other hand, when folded, will form the pockets.

After designing your folder, then you can include the text or graphics on the flap on an upside down fashion. Then print the folder on heavy-duty paper to give the marketing tool not only a professional look, but more importantly, it will provide your marketing tools with the durability it needs to be kept by the recipient for a very long time.

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