Poison Oak rash is caused when some person comes in contact with the oil called urushiol. Urushiol is a colorless or pale yellow which is found in the sap of poison oak. When, it is exposed to the air its color changes to brown. You must avoid to touch the sap of poison oak directly as it can cause problem to you. Rash may also be caused by touching the sap of poison oak indirectly. When we touch the sap with something then the urushiol present will cause the rash and will stick to the fur, garden tools or any object which comes in its contact.

The condition of poison oak is quite unpleasant but it doesn't result into some serious health problems. It results into contact dermatitis. It is an allergic reaction to something which comes in direct contact with the skin.

Poison ivy produces a resin called an urushiol which causes an allergic rash. The plants similar to this plant and related plants include the familiar poison oak and sumac which are commonly found in the south east. The rashes produced by each of these plants are of similar nature and of similar appearance. Usually these urushiols are found in cashew, gingko and mango trees. The first sign is the curved line of rash on the skin.

Poison oak can be treated with the home remedies in an effective way. Some of the popular home remedies for poison oak are given below -

1. You can apply alcohol to an infected area to avoid poison oak.

2. Rinse with water properly to avoid poison oak.

3. Wash the affected area with warm water and medicated soap. It is very effective in reducing the discomforts due to poison oak.

4. Crushed leaves of jewelweed if applied over the affected area are also an effective remedy for reducing the affect of poison oak. Jewel weed is a common weed which is found in damp areas. You can easily find this weed growing right in your own backyard.

5. Take one fourth cup of bleach and third fourth cup of warm water. Mix it properly and apply to the affected area using the wash cloth. Within 2-3 days it will kill the poison.

6. To reduce the discomfort caused due to poison oak, you can also apply aloe vera juice over the affected area. It will give the feeling of coolness and also provide instant relief.

7. Intake of vitamin C with bioflavonoids will help in healing the inflammation caused due to poison oak.

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