(Submit Articles) Sir Paul Smith has always been at it. Originally catering to men's wear, the man behind the Paul Smith empire has since taken the fashion scene by storm. In fact, Smith was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II, having spent almost three decades as a top designer for men's wear.

His collections for both for men and women are popularly identified with his signature in multi-coloured pinstripe pattern somewhere on every item.

The internationally famous designer is cited for introducing several fashion and lifestyle trends such as the popular Filofax in the 1980s and the revival of the boxer short underwear for men.

Paul Smith's designs are known for being classic and at the same time quirky, allowing consumers to sport traditional pieces but which reflect one's individuality.

His mens wear collections largely cater to men with tall and slim frames, a market segment that not a lot of high street designers focus on.

His collections have broadly expanded and at present cover women, jeans, PS by Paul Smith, accessories, watches, fragrances, pens, shoes and socks. When it comes to his collection of socks, Smith just won't settle for less.

Paul Smith socks are generally made of cotton, with some considerable pairs that are also made of wool as well.

To make sure that the socks are of superior quality, Smith mostly uses cotton, with rates reaching up to as high as 100%, 80% of which is generally mercerized cotton with a mix of polyamide.

It's no wonder why Paul Smith socks continue to get impressive reviews from fashion critics as well as raves from consumers with highly discriminate fashion style. His current designs for his sock collection include the 'Checker Board', 'Concertina' stripes, Contrast heel and toe, Pencil flower socks and the Dot socks. Of course, there is also the trademark Paul Smith striped sock design too.

As found with many other luxury socks, you should take extra care of your Paul Smith socks to keep them looking good for years and years to come. It has been noted that these socks do not completely retain their original shape when washed at normal temperatures so you may want to wash them at low temperatures to maintain not just their shape but also their look, feel and colour wash after wash.

It's no argument that Paul Smith socks are awesome. So slip on a pair of these socks and experience the difference.

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