(Submit Articles) With our economy on the downturn, it is not surprising that almost every business has been forced to cut costs and expenses. And where do you usually see these cuts? It seems that the first thing that many business owners slash to lessen the expenditures is marketing. Budgets have become limited and almost nil for many marketing campaigns.

But if you are a smart business owner, the recent economy as well as the limited budget should not be reasons to impel you to lessen if not totally avoid marketing. In fact, smart marketers know that it is precisely the downward economy that presents numerous opportunities that marketing can actually open up. While your competition continues to fret about their expenses and marketing woes, marketing should be on top of your priority list. Marketing is what will give you the leverage you need as well as help you maintain it so you continue to grow despite the circumstances.

And marketing should not be a very expensive effort that you don’thave any choice but to stop it. Successful marketing can be had even with less of the budget. You can always promote your business effectively without having to break your bank with these cost effective marketing techniques.

- Provide good customer service.
This means focusing on providing the best customer service in the market while the others are thinking of decreasing their own kind of service. Get people to keep on coming back to your business because they know they can get the best service from you. No matter what you sell, if you can do a service that is better than any other company, you will be sure that customers would go back for repeat purchases and even tell others about you.

- Provide customer friendly experience.
This is not only applicable to the direct service you provide to your customers but for all your activities and efforts. Ensure your website makes it easy for your target clients to browse for example. Your brochures should be easy to understand, as well as that of your other marketing collaterals be it booklets or hang tags. Always test new ideas first before you introduce them to the public. Be sure to prioritize your customers’ convenience in every decision you make for your operational activities. Your customers should always come first, whether you are looking at an interactive website or a small marketing campaign such as that of your hang tag printing.

- Do cross-promotions.
Partner with other businesses similar or even related to your type of business. Share marketing concepts and costs to lessen your promotional expenses. You don’thave to carry the whole burden of paying for an expensive marketing campaign. Partnering with others can greatly decrease your expenses, yet still provide you with effective marketing campaign for your business.

- Negotiate.
Don’tgo out of any transaction without you negotiating for your budget. Always look out for opportunities to get a cheaper deal. Promos abound when it’s not the peak season and media shops and printing companies fight for customers themselves to continue to make a profit for their own businesses.

- Don’tbe afraid to try new things.
Try out new ideas and concepts that you haven’tdone before. Consider designing an ad using hang tags if you are always the brochure-printing type. Also consider online marketing opportunities such as Facebook and Twitter to reach out to your target clients.

- Be visible.
Get out there and get yourself seen and heard. Write and publish articles and press releases. Quote on blogs and online postings. Be a speaker in seminars and forums. These activities can help you build your name and establish your reputation as an expert in your filed, which can attract prospects to seek your advise every time.

The basic idea for all these things is to keep on marketing despite the difficult times we have economically. You don’tneed to stop promoting if your marketing budget becomes smaller. What you need to do instead is to look for creative and innovative ways to get more even when you have less for your budget.

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