Door hangers are one of the most effective and creative marketing tools out there today. They are not as common as flyers and posters, but they are as powerful as those and many other kinds such as brochures and catalogs. However, there are still a lot of things you can do in door hanger printing to make your door hangers extra effective. Let me share with you a few expert marketing techniques that add a little more edge to your marketing campaign using door hangers.

â€Â¢ Distribution Timing – Timing can be a key factor in door hangers. There are bad times and there are good times to bring those door hangers to a potential customerâ€â„¢s door. For example, in some markets, it is good to distribute your door hangers around the end of the month, just when people get their monthly pay. In a lot of cases, most people are inclined to spend or invest something when they have only just received their money. With marketing door hangers at just the right time for this, they can be more effective than usual.

Moreover, there are seasonal elements to your door hangers. Holidays, and other special celebrations are great specific times for door hanger distribution as well. By giving your marketing door hangers at the right holidays where you can help customers with their gifts and investment decisions, you should see those prints rake in more customers and clients than the usual.

So try to study and see what the right timing is for your marketing with door hangers. Time can be a crucial ally that gets you more results with your custom door hangers.

â€Â¢ Distinctive designs – Another crucial marketing technique in door hanger printing is the concept of distinctive designs. Most door hangers succeed not only because of their impact, but also of their power to be distinctive and become more memorable in the readerâ€â„¢s eyes. That is why using distinctive and uncommon design layouts is a great trick. Using odd shapes, unusual colors and even odd and funny statements in your door hangers can often be effective at prolonging the impact of your door hangers. This staying power in memory will net you more potential customers that would not otherwise have come if you used common and not distinctive designs.

â€Â¢ Door hanger incentives – It is also a proven fact that door hangers with incentives always get readers engaged and customers flowing. By providing a special offer such as a discount coupon or a buy 1 take one deal in your door hangers, you will of course be able to engage your market well with those incentives. As long as the apparent great benefits are obvious to the reader, the color door hangers should do quite well in raking in those customers. So why not think of some great offer and incentive to use in your door hangers. Believe me, people will come with the right incentives.

â€Â¢ Marketing longevity – Another important concept that you might want to know about is marketing longevity. A good trick to know when it comes to door hanger printing is to always print door hangers with better and more durable materials. The stronger the materials are, the longer the door hangers will last. This means more chances at getting its marketing message read, and of course giving you more opportunities for business and sales. So you should consider using better materials to make sure that your door hangers have more than one chance to convince its readers.

â€Â¢ Market reinforcement – Finally, you should know about the concept of market reinforcements. It is good to repeat your door hanger distribution at good and measured phases to remind your market about your offer. Some people do not read marketing door hangers at the outset of getting them, simply because they think itâ€â„¢s junk. However, by reinforcing that message with a second or third round of distribution, you should be able to get your marketing message read at least once. This market reinforcement trick should help remind your audiences and get those initially reluctant customers to do business with you because of that better second look. So try to distribute your door hangers twice or thrice if it is possible.

So why donâ€â„¢t you try out some of these tricks? They can be quite beneficial for you if you try them. Good Luck!

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