People may need to look up cell phone numbers by name for a number of reasons. They may have lost touch with a loved one, or a dear college friend. They may now need to trace a member of their family or a long lost friend with whom they have had no communication over a long period of time. Whatever the reason, they can now find someone’s cell phone number, especially with the changes in the privacy laws.

If one has a name, one can lookup a cell phone number, as almost everyone has a cell phone these days. There are no phone books where a person can search the name for a cell phone number, as one would for ordinary phones. Such traditional methods of trying to find a cell phone number simply do not exist. Such directories of cell phone numbers are illegal and have been for some time. Cell phone records are private information and are protected by privacy laws.

Cell Phone Lookup

Before the changes in the privacy laws brought about by the popularity of cell phones, cell phone directories were restricted in their use. They were available only to the law enforcement agencies and the private investigators. If a person wanted to look up a cell phone number by name, the only option was to hire a private investigator. This would cost that person anywhere between $150 to $200 just for a cell phone lookup.

If getting that information was important enough people did cough up such amounts, as they had no other choice. Things have changed though, and one can now find someone’s cell phone number through online cell phone directories.

Online Directories

Any person can do a cell phone number search by name through the cell phone directories available online. This is a good place for anyone to start searching for a loved one, or an old friend. Cell phone numbers, however, are still protected by privacy laws and cannot be released publicly.

Any person who needs to look up cell phone numbers by name must pay a fee for online access to a cell phone directory. One needs to be careful, however. There are many spam sites that make false guarantees that they are in no position to fulfill. All people get is to click on a lot of ads without finding any useful information.

There are quite a few genuine online cell phone directories that allow you to look up cell phone numbers by name. They charge a small fee and it varies from one online directory to another. A search to lookup a cell phone number could cost a person anything up to $70.

One would require researching for a genuine cell phone directory. Certain directories that allow a person to look up cell phone numbers by name may have restricted access to a specific region or area only.

Whatever fee a person pays to an online cell phone directory, it is worth the cost if the information sought is important enough, and one is desperate to get in touch with a loved one.

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