Recent R4i official ( find a new R4 kernel. The core compared with the previous There is a big improvement, the game is compatible with well, cheat features improved ... ... but still some flaws, so I will be finishing his instructions and share with you!
1. Kernel Installation And the previous versions, like 1.19 or more copies of the installation method is still the main file to TF card root directory. In this re-stated that the new master file is the kernel: _SYSTEM_ folder (must be), _DS_MENU.DAT (must be), Moonshl (optional), _DS_MSHL.NDS (optional).
2. Game features The new kernel support for the game greatly strengthened, but there are some side effects. At present the kernel, the soft-reset if the game could turn will affect the normal operation. Therefore, the encounter can not be run of the game, try turning off the soft reset function (in the game selection interface, click the R button, top right of the green R red can be!) 3. Game cheat function 1.19 or more core features enhanced cheat to make unlimited use of any of R4 cheat database capacity. However, this feature still has some limitations, sometimes crash when selecting Goldfinger, please use caution!
4. E-book function The new kernel cancel this feature, the future may resume!
5. Home-made software functions The new version of the kernel need to add the original edition of the r4tf.dldi under _SYSTEM_ can run homebrew!
6. Multimedia features The new kernel continues to support the multimedia features, select the second item in the main interface, you can enter the Moonshell. Note: This feature needs to open the TF card to install Moonshell1.X or Moonshell2.0X version, and will moonshell.nds/moonshell2.0.nds renamed _DS_MSHL.NDS 7.YSmenu Kernel The new kernel support YSmenu core functionality, users can R4 forum ( download the latest YSmenu core!
8.GBA and SHOT-2 and guide functionality The new kernel to continue to support this feature, as long as the third choice in the main interface, you can guide the S-2 card or go to the GBA Game Card
9. The theme to use The new kernel supports the theme to use, as long as _SYSTEM_ established under the themes folder, which were established theme01 ~ theme12 can be opened! R4 forum topics can be ( Download! 1.24 kernel support fixed-function theme. 10. Document management functions The main interface in the game you can press select to switch to the various management functions, you can archive a backup, file deletion and other functions! The instructions will be updated as the kernel will continue to make changes to correct! Also welcome you to point out new problems!

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