calendars, calendar printingWhen using marketing calendars in business, one very important thing that many people ask me is, how do you exactly sell those products in the calendars? Of course, calendar marketing is not just about printing an image and putting up a for sale sign. There are certain elements that need to come together in calendar printing that will help turn calendar readers into actual potential customers of your products. Let me show you how this is done with five easy tips in selling stuff in marketing calendars.

1. Monthly product advertising images – The first basic thing to do to sell products with marketing calendars is to create monthly product advertising images. This is obvious and practical of course. You will need to create twelve advertising images for each of the twelve months in the marketing calendar. These images must be attractive and appealing, with the products that you want to sell prominently displayed in their best light.

Of course, you have to make sure that the images fit the theme of the month they are in. Depending on the seasons and the holidays present in a particular month, the advertising image should change and match those particular seasons and holidays. With the right advertising images each month, people will not only find your marketing calendars useful, but they will also think that those products look very trendy to buy at those particular months.

2. Invitations for action – You wonâ€â„¢t sell products in color calendars effectively if you do not have â€Å“invitations for action.â€Â This is can basically be a text or image element that invites people to do something about the advertising image that they see for a particular month. For example, you can put up a statement in the color calendar that invites people to call their telephone lines to take an order (Order now! Call us at...). More hi-tech companies may even want to invite calendar readers to buy their products online by stating the URL of their web portal.

As long as the invitations are there, and people can clearly read them in the custom calendar, there is an increased chance that people will actually buy from those calendars. So it is really beneficial to add invitations for action in every page of the marketing calendar. Do not forget this in your calendar printing.

3. Special coupons and offers – Finally, one very big thing that always helps calendars sell products is the introduction and integration of special coupons and offers into the calendar design itself. I have seen lots of companies add in tear off coupons at the bottom of their marketing calendars that have great sales offers that last only for the month. This is a great way to get customers to come to your shop each month just to avail of the special offer. This is one of the most powerful design techniques that you can use in your marketing calendars, making them a prime tool for year around advertising and marketing.

So that is how you sell your products effectively with custom calendars. If you create your monthly advertising images well, add in invitations for action in all pages plus insert great offers and coupons into the design of the calendar, there is no doubt that many more people will respond to your color calendars. You will sell a lot more of your products through your color calendars with these techniques. So donâ€â„¢t be afraid to try these out.

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